Is Selling Tampa Scripted? Is Allure Realty Real?

Image Credit: Nino Muñoz/Netflix

Created by Adam DiVello (‘Laguna Beach’ and ‘The Hills‘) as a spin-off of the incredibly popular ‘Selling Sunset,’ ‘Selling Tampa’ stays true to its title and predecessor in terms of both luxury estates and entertainment. This time around, though, the Netflix original follows the agents and brokers of Allure Realty, a minority-owned and minority-run firm that also prides itself on promoting empowerment. However, the drama amongst the passion and profession in Florida still shines on, driving us to wonder exactly how much of the show is authentic. So, let’s find out the details, shall we?

Is Selling Tampa Scripted?

Since ‘Selling Tampa’ has always been billed as a reality series, we’re glad to report that it actually sticks to the genre in every way, shape, and form that matters. As per sources, none of the cast members recite any pre-written dialogues in front of the cameras, and nor do they have a particular structure that they need to follow. With that said, because of the extensive time, money, and resources usually utilized to develop such a high-consumption show, it’s likely that the producers push a few topics of necessary dialogues to get the real emotions and narratives taped timely and adequately.

First things first, owned and operated by army vet Sharelle Rosado, Allure Realty is a real all-female luxury brokerage based in Tampa, Florida. It not only deals in extravagance with the aim of dominating the Suncoast, but it also has all the licensed agents that we meet in the series under its wings; none of them are actors or extras. Then there are the friendships, rivalries, and classic catfights, and even they seem to be as natural as possible. That’s because the cast actively works together, meaning that their different personalities, ideals, and beliefs are bound to meet and/or clash.

However, with the help of post-production scene cutting and editing, we probably see an exaggerated version of a few events, especially if there’s tension involved. One can agree that it makes up for good TV. Apart from that, it’s important to mention that even though there’s no script involved, reality producers tend to set up arcs by asking cast members to have a chat at a particular time and place to help them get the best footage. Or, the cast can themselves contact the producers to let them know if there’s anything worth filming happening in their lives. Either way, it’s partly arranged but not fake.

In short, everything related to a person’s life or their emotions – whether it be Sharelle’s pregnancy, Juawana’s divorce, or Rena’s career plans – is as authentic as it can be. The producers may manipulate things during and post the filming process for dramatic effect, but the message behind each incident and occurrence remains the same. There’s no denying that reality productions can seem planned and scheduled to a tee sometimes, but ‘Selling Tampa,’ just like ‘Selling Sunset,’ is not like that. There’s quick wit, overtalking, relaying of circumstances, and much more to prove that the show is genuine despite some staging.

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