Alice Hines: Where is the Journalist Now?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Amazon Prime’s ‘Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe’ is as baffling as it is intriguing and haunting. That’s because it comprises not only archival footage but also exclusive interviews to really underscore the way a seemingly spiritual organization can actually be cult-like – driven by manipulation. Amongst those to thus help navigate the same was actually investigative reporter Alice Hines – so now, if you simply wish to learn more about her as well as her current standing, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Alice Hines?

It was reportedly back when Alice was just a young girl growing up in South Carolina that she first developed a keen interest in stories and journalism, only for it to expand as the years passed. She hence enrolled at Brown University for a Bachelor’s in Comparative Literature almost as soon as she graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy, enabling her to kickstart her career with complete qualifications in 2011. The truth is she initially focused her efforts on business reporting and fashion journalism, but then she evolved into an editor for Vestoj before finding her footing in the niche.

It turns out Alice’s interest in communities, practices, as well as vocations many might deem atypical or eccentric made her one of the most incredible reports on the same. As a result, she soon found herself contributing to a range of various publications in a completely unbiased tone, which further propelled her career to such incredible heights that some of her pieces went viral. However, arguably, her most impactful piece ever was on the Twin Flames Universe and its founders, Shaleia and Jeff Divine, for Vanity Fair in December 2020, especially as she didn’t hesitate to call them cult-like.

In Alice’s own words, she looked into them from every angle for nearly a year, visited the founders’ home in Michigan, and even spoke to former and current members alike to get the complete picture. However, in the end, all she could conclude was that this so-called spiritual institution was run by people looking to profit off of others’ traumas, all the while feeding their need for spirituality, control, and attention. In the end, all she could put forth was the fact people need to be careful about what they’re getting into since you never really know how one thing can lead to another in a catastrophic manner.

Where is Alice Hines Now?

Currently residing in New York, Alice continues to serve as an investigative journalist to this day; the only difference is that she has since also evolved into a documentary film producer and a correspondent. In fact, her pieces often feature in various publications such as New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Economist 1843, Smithsonian, the New Yorker, the New York Times, and Bloomberg, amongst many others. Plus, from 2020-2023, she even served as an exclusive correspondent for VICE News, which is where her career went to a whole other level.

After all, Alice won an Emmy for her work as an on-camera reporter for the organization, wherein her segments uncovered abuse within the US foster care system, involved full discussions with conspiracy theorists, and broke the story of a national drug lab scandal. As if all this wasn’t enough, her 6-part Vice show ‘Fanatics: The Deep End’ explored several different eclectic obsessions, ranging from rare plant collecting to airsoft to freediving. Coming to her personal life, from what we can tell, it appears as if she’s happily married to Samuel “Sam” Bordenave at the moment – they apparently tied the knot on Halloween 2021.

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