What Happens to the Aliens in Invasion? Are They Dead or Alive?

Although ‘Invasion’ predominantly focuses on the human drama, it continues to maintain a sense of dread throughout its narrative, not letting its audience forget that the characters are facing an unprecedented situation. Initially, as their world starts to fall apart, the four protagonists have no idea what’s happening. It’s only after the US President goes on TV and announces that humanity is under attack from an extra-terrestrial force that all the protagonists save Casper finds out the truth.

In the show’s first season, its creators manage to keep the aliens as an unknowable mystery. But they do give out hints about these otherworldly beings to pique our interest. A significant portion of this is done through Casper, the British teenager who could access the alien communication channel with his mind even before they arrived in the solar system. In the penultimate episode of the first season, the aliens just seem to stop functioning, which leads humanity to claim victory in the war. If you are wondering what happened to the aliens in ‘Invasion,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to the Aliens in Invasion?

It seems to be a combination of actions that bring the first wave of the aliens down. We know that the traditional human weapons don’t work on the aliens. Aneesha is probably the first person to kill an extra-terrestrial when she stabs one to death with the artifact that her son found. However, Casper finds a different way to deal with them. He, Jamila, and the others were trapped in a crater after the bus they were traveling on had an accident. They don’t find out about the invasion until a woman they meet on the road tells them.

While his classmates express disbelief, Casper knows this to be true. Every time he has a seizure, he inadvertently accesses the alien communication channel, and his mind subsequently gets filled to the brim with images no human is supposed to see. Obviously, it’s excruciatingly painful, but when Casper goes back home and discovers that the aliens have killed his mother, he decides to get revenge. He knows that he can tap into the alien’s channel and is sure that he can hurt them because they are all connected.

The aliens function like a hive. They process any information together and decide on a collective response. In Japan, Mitsuki visits an observatory to use the radio telescope there to contact the aliens. She succeeds, and it seems like that her girlfriend Hinata is on the other end of the line. The US government takes the opportunity to lock onto the enemy’s position and launch nukes.

Meanwhile, Casper undergoes an induced seizure and accesses the channel. As several aliens come for him and corner him along with Ward and Jamila, he tells them to stop, and they do. It’s through that connection that he neutralizes not just aliens in front of him but all of them on the planet and the ship. The hive seems to run the ship as well. Casper’s command probably halts its engines. With the nukes hitting it at that very moment, it suffers heavy damage and falls to Earth.

Are the Aliens Dead or Alive?

The aliens in the first wave seem to be dead. Even when people beat one of the things in the street, it doesn’t move. However, in the final sequence of the season, a juggernaut spaceship appears on the horizon, and all the alien flora and objects across the world, including the downed ship, become active again. It seems that Casper’s actions served like a computer virus that brought down the system. With the arrival of the new ship, the system has rebooted.

This can mean one of two things. The aliens lying immobile all over the world aren’t dead, and with the ship’s arrival, they have woken up. Casper’s attack was so focused on the aliens that he has managed to kill all members of the first wave, even if he couldn’t destroy their ship for good.

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