Invasion Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the penultimate episode of ‘Invasion’s inaugural season, Casper (Billy Barratt) endures an induced seizure so he can tap into the alien network and stop them for good. Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna) establishes contact and tries to figure out whether Hinata is indeed alive. After it is revealed that the Malik family has an artifact that makes the aliens vulnerable, ordinary people start hunting them. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Invasion Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9, titled ‘Full of Stars,’ begins with a flashback scene. It’s Mitsuki and Hinata’s first date. They end up going back to Mitsuki’s apartment, where they connect over their mutual love for David Bowie and sleep together. In the present time, Hinata wakes up in a void and answers Mitsuki. The US government conducts tests on the artifact. After discovering its potency, the government decides to move Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) and her family to Pentagon, but they get attacked on their way.

Meanwhile, in London, Ward (Shamier Anderson) takes Casper and Jamila to the hospital where the latter’s mother works. Together, they manage to convince a neurologist to induce a seizure on Casper. It seems to have its desired effect as the aliens come for him.

Invasion Episode 9 Ending: Is Ahmed Dead?

Yes, Ahmed is most likely dead. When the invasion first began, Ahmed was having an affair and was ready to leave his family. A couple of times afterward, he nearly deserted Aneesha and their children. In episode 9, after people in the facility come to know about the artifact, they become agitated. No conventional weapon works against the aliens. The notion that the enemy is seemingly indestructible has filled people with insurmountable fear.

The presence of the artifact gives the people a ray of hope. But with how the war is going, individual safety takes precedence for them over saving humanity. As the Malik family travel to Washington, DC, with a group of soldiers, they get ambushed by some men with guns, combat gear, and armored vehicles, who intend to take the artifact from Aneesha.

When all members of their escort are killed, Ahmed decides to sacrifice himself to give his family enough time to get away. He approaches a renegade soldier who Aneesha knows and whom he met earlier. The soldier tries to persuade him to call Aneesha, claiming that he and his associates will not hurt his family. However, Ahmed sees through the lie. Just before he is gunned down, he shouts at Aneesha to run with their children. Even though he made questionable decisions earlier, Ahmed redeems himself as he dies protecting his family.

What Happens to the Aliens? Was it Really Hinata on the Other End?

Throughout the entire interaction, Mitsuki ardently believes that she is communicating with Hinata. However, the others at the observation center, including Hinata’s father, aren’t sure about that. They soon realize that the speech pattern from the other end doesn’t have pauses for breathing, indicating that it’s synchronized. The US government uses this opportunity to get a lock on the alien ship and sends missiles with nuclear warheads. Across the world, the protagonists watch as the alien ship burns as bright as the sun for a few moments.

It’s possible that it was actually Hinata who answered Mitsuki. The aliens might have retrieved her from Hoshi’s debris and were using her to establish a communication channel with Earth. However, it’s equally possible that the aliens constructed a version of Hinata from her memories, which they probably harvested after collecting her body. That’s how they knew about David Bowie.

However, it coincided with Casper’s intrusion into their network. Episode 9 shows that Casper can control the aliens with his mind. His order for them to stop not only made the aliens in the hospital immobile but also all of them in the solar system. And right on that opportune moment, the nukes stuck, destroying the alien ship.

Is Casper Dead?

No, Casper isn’t dead. As the episode ends, he seems to collapse. Ward tries to revive him, but he is unsuccessful. Casper’s consciousness is most likely trapped somewhere deep within his mind, where the link with the alien network still exists, even though it appears that most of these otherworldly beings died when their ship blows up. Although the world doesn’t know it yet, Casper’s actions bring humanity its first victory in the war. But it’s safe to presume that the struggle with this malevolent alien civilization is only beginning.

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