Invasion Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Invasion’ is a sci-fi action-drama series that follows a group of ordinary people from all over the world as an alien invasion takes place. In the pilot episode, Sheriff John Bell Tyson (Sam Neill) believes that God finally brought purpose to his life on the day he is supposed to retire. Mitsuki’s (Shiori Kutsuna) secret lover, Captain Murai (Togo Igawa), goes to space as the leader of a ground-breaking mission to the International Space Station.

Aneesha Malik’s (Golshifteh Farahani) seemingly perfect life comes crashing down when she discovers certain startling truths about her husband. As Tyson, Mitsuki, and Aneesha deal with the microcosmic extraordinariness in their lives, the invasion begins. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Invasion Episode 1 Recap

In the series premiere, titled ‘Last Day,’ Tyson, a Sheriff in a small town in Oklahoma, is on the verge of retirement. When he discovers that a local young man named Cal and his brother are missing, he reluctantly accepts the case. While visiting the boys’ uncle, whose pick-up truck they seemingly have stolen, Tyson spots a large crop circle in the middle of a cornfield. When he and the deputy accompanying him get there, they find the truck, but the boys are nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, there is a swarm of locusts flying straight toward them. The insects seem to have a voracious appetite, leaving only dust in their wake. Tyson knows that the boys use drugs. He and his deputy pay a visit to the local seller, Daniel, who also seems to have no idea about what happened to Cal. They then go to speak to Cal’s girlfriend, who claims that he and his brother have left town, leaving her behind.

In Long Island, New York, Aneesha has what appears to be a picture-perfect life with her husband Ahmed (Firas Nassar) and their two children, Sarah (Tara Moayedi) and Luke (Azhy Robertson). Aneesha studied medicine at Harvard but currently doesn’t practice it. Ahmed, also a Syrian immigrant, runs a successful business. Aneesha is called to her children’s school after every child there except Luke starts to have a nosebleed. Anxious and worried, she tries to reach out to her husband but keeps getting his voicemail.

In Tokyo, it’s a big day at the Japanese space program JASA. They are set to send a three-member crew to the ISS. The audience learns that Captain Murai, the crew leader, is in a secret relationship with Mitsuki, who serves in the communications department. However, the general public and even their colleagues think that Murai is dating some actor. Everything with the launch goes according to the plans, and Mitsuki returns to their apartment believing that her girlfriend will be alright.

Invasion Episode 1 Ending: Is Sheriff Tyson Dead? What Happened to Cal and His Brother?

Yes, Tyson is dead. Seeing the crop circles, locusts, and the religious tattoos on Daniel, he starts to think that God has finally chosen him to do His bidding. He ardently believes that “men of uniform” are selected for a purpose by the divinity, just like the “men of clothes.”  He has spent his entire career looking for that purpose and didn’t find it. One time, he rescued a young girl from a predator, completely unharmed. But the day he was supposed to get an award for it, the girl was killed in a vehicular accident.

Now, at the twilight moment of his career, Tyson believes that God has finally brought him that chance of heroism. He leaves his retirement ceremony and rushes to the crop circle, and asks God for a sign. Instead, the ground moves, and something attacks him from behind, killing him. This is obviously part of the alien invasion, but the real question is what the aliens can possibly want in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The answer probably is that they have come to Earth seeking what any advanced culture wants from a so-called inferior one: resources. Cal and his brother most likely suffered the same fate as the Sheriff. They had an encounter with the aliens and now are probably dead.

Is Ahmed Cheating on Aneesha?

Yes, Ahmed is cheating on Aneesha. After failing to reach him for hours, Aneesha tracks her husband down and discovers that he is having an affair with a chef named Mandy. After he returns home, she confronts him and forces him to confess. When she asks him for the reason, he eventually reveals that he chose to cheat with Mandy simply because she wasn’t Aneesha.

Clearly, Aneesha had no idea about this, but Ahmed has been profoundly dissatisfied with his married life. Suddenly, their house starts to shake, indicating the beginning of the invasion. As a result, Ahmed and Aneesha will have to stick together to protect their children despite the confrontation and confession as the world rapidly changes around them.

Are Murai and Her Crew Dead?

Yes, Murai and her crew are dead. As Murai gets a message from Mitsuki, her crew spots something outside. And then a side of their shuttle is ripped away, exposing Murai and the two others to the infinite and airless space and most likely killing them. This is also tied to the invasion and the alien’s attempt to take out everything that can potentially threaten them. Meanwhile, Mitsuki has absolutely no idea about this. When she does come to know about Murai’s death, it will devastate her, and she might set out on a self-destructive path.

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