Invasion Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

In its early episodes, ‘Invasion’ focuses on establishing its core characters and offering the audience hints about its science fiction potential. The death of Sheriff John Bell Tyson (Sam Neill) must have shocked a large number of audience members as he seemed like an archetype hero character.

By killing him off, the show creators open the story up and use the empty slots to introduce two new characters: Casper Morrow (Billy Barratt), a teenager from London, and Trevante Ward (Shamier Anderson), an exceptional American soldier deployed in Afghanistan. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Invasion Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2, titled ‘Crash,’ begins by depicting what seems like the initial phase of the alien attack. Ahmed (Firas Nassar) and Aneesha’s (Golshifteh Farahani) neighborhood is in complete ruin. However, the Malik home somehow remains standing, which draws questions from their neighbors. Some speculate that it must have been an attack by the terrorists with a dirty bomb, and the comparison with the September 11 attacks is immediately made.

A few of these people notice that Ahmed and Aneesha’s house is still standing and begin questioning the former. Ironically, he has lived among them for years and has painstakingly attempted to assimilate into the American society, but at first sight of adversity, that society turns on him.

It appears that something is definitely unique about Luke (Azhy Robertson). In the previous episode, we see that he doesn’t have a nosebleed when the rest of the students at his school do. In this episode, he suddenly starts screaming and tells his mother that he is hearing voices. This is yet another piece of the puzzle connected to the invasion. Ahmed tries to leave his family behind and escape on his own but fails to convince his neighbors to give him a ride.

After learning about Murai’s death, Mitsuki descends into complete depression. As the ground crew had lost contact with the ship and didn’t receive their mayday calls, Mitsuki blames herself. Her mother stops by and tells her that she can now settle down with a man. The suggestion only ends up infuriating Mitsuki. That evening, she goes out, has drinks, brings back a stranger to her apartment. She hallucinates that the other woman is Murai. However, she eventually gets back to reality and forces the woman to leave.

In London, Casper struggles with class bully. While traveling on a bus during a school trip, he has a seizure. Suddenly meteors start to drop from the sky. The teacher tries to avoid the resulting explosions and drives the bus straight into a bowl-shaped hole.

In Afghanistan, Ward has become a hero among his fellow soldiers, having saved the lives of several of them. But he carefully hides his depression from his comrades. He is estranged from his wife, who is back in the US. Their video conferences are devoid of any warmth and passion. Ward and his unit visit a town where the military has lost communication with another unit. They try to interrogate the local population, but they seemed to be absolutely terrified by whatever occurred. They find their way to the ruins of a house in the desert, where they have their first encounter with an alien ship.

Invasion Episode 2 Ending: Is Ward Dead?

No, Ward isn’t dead. He and his unit are searching the ruins when a sandstorm begins around them. When they manage to step outside of it, they see a massive ship standing in front of them. The technology it has is so unique that it can’t possibly have been developed on Earth. It blasts Ward, knocking him out. The episode ends there, leaving a question mark on Ward’s fate.

Ward survives the ordeal but sustains a serious injury. He makes his way back to the military vehicle but discovers that the communication lines are dead. Due to the injury and dehydration, he starts to hallucinate that his wife is there. When Ward has nearly accepted that his fate is to die in the desert, an Afghan man shows up. He gives him water and shares his food with him, saving his life. But most importantly, he provides Ward with hope by insinuating that he knows where the rest of his unit is.

What Happens to Casper and His Classmates? Are They Dead?

No, Casper and his classmates aren’t dead. They survive the fall. However, Monty, the class bully, blames him for what happened, as he had a seizure right before they went off the cliff, and none of them saw the meteors. Meanwhile, the teacher is revealed to be seriously hurt with a piece of the bus protruding out of him.

The teenagers realize that they have to find a way to survive on their own. Their phones aren’t working, so no one knows that they are trapped there. Casper proves himself to be quite resourceful. However, in a vulnerable moment, he ends up revealing to Monty that his father abused his mother, which the bully later uses to blackmail Casper to vote for him as the group’s leader.

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