All Fake Profile Sex Scenes, Ranked

Fake Profile’ or ‘Perfil Falso’ is a Netflix Spanish-language Colombian series that follows Camila Román (Carolina Miranda), a Las Vegas-based exotic dancer. She meets Fernando Castell, who claims to be a plastic surgeon from Cartagena, Colombia, on a dating app. A few months after they start dating, Camila decides to visit Fernando and is stunned to discover that he has catfished her. His real name is Miguel Estévez (Rodolfo Salas), a married engineer who works for his father-in-law’s company. With the apparent intention of not letting Miguel target other women, Camila moves into the house next door to him in a gated community. ‘Fake Profile’ is a steamy thriller full of sex and drama. Here is what you need to know about the sex scenes in the show. SPOILERS AHEAD.

10. Late Night Togetherness (Miguel and Ángela, S1E3)

Image Credit: Renata Bolívar/Netflix

Miguel and Ángela Ferrer (Manuela González) have been married for a while and are parents to Lucas and Eva. Over the years, whatever they had at the start of the relationship has simmered down to a largely muted co-existence. Feeling suffocated by his wife and father-in-law, Miguel has turned into a serial adulterer, whereas Ángela meets up with Inti, a former escort, for regular sessions. Intimacy between Miguel and Ángela is pretty much driven by responsibility, and this sex scene reflects that.

9. Diving Lessons (Adrian and Inti, S1E5)

Inti is pansexual, and as revealed later in the show, Pedro hired him to drive a wedge between Adrian and his fiancé Cris. In episode 5, Inti takes Adrian, who is his boss at the restaurant, out for diving lessons. They have been flirting since the start of the series, as Adrian understandably has no idea about his father’s plans. As Inti gives Adrian instructions, the movements become quite suggestive. Although they start kissing and shed their clothes, Adrian suddenly remembers Cris and stops.

8. Three is a Party Part I (Adrian, Inti, and Cris, S1E8)

Realizing the growing closeness between Adrian and Inti, Cris becomes worried and decides to intervene before it’s too late, though his manner of intervention is quite unique. One evening, he invites Inti to their home and bed. Although Adrian is initially uncomfortable about this, he soon becomes an enthusiastic participant.

7. Secret Rendezvous (Ángela and Inti, S1E4)

In episode 4, after learning about her husband’s latest mistress and calming down her son, who caught Miguel having sex with Camila, Ángela steps away from her life for a bit. It is revealed that she frequently meets up with Inti for sessions, with this one taking place in a pool.

6. Three is a Party Part II (Adrian, Inti, and Cris, S1E9)

Cris thought bringing Inti into his relationship with Adrian would resolve the issue, but, if anything, he soon discovers that the other two are spending time in each other’s company without him. He confronts Inti and Adrian about this, reminding them of the rules they agreed to implement. Adrian initiates the second threesome, and Cris feels left out throughout the encounter.

5. Before the Tragedy (Camila and Miguel, S1E9)

Even though Camila has mostly figured out what type of a man Miguel is, she has very little control over how she feels about him. Meanwhile, Miguel has begun to realize that Camila’s arrival in Colombia wasn’t completely an accident, and Pedro had something to do with it. This particular sexual encounter happens after Ángela asks him for divorce, so it doesn’t necessarily carry the burden of infidelity for Miguel as the other ones. But the following morning, Miguel confronts Camila about whether she is working for Pedro. Later in the episode, Ángela seemingly kills Camila after the latter tries to tell the truth about her father.

4. Doomed Affair (Miguel and Ximena, S1E6)

Because of Miguel’s behavior, Camila deduces that there must be other women like her and eventually finds Ximena, who used to live in the same house as her with her family. Miguel and Ximena also encountered each other on a dating app, and just like with Camila, Miguel was using the Fernando Castell fake profile at the time. But the moment he realized that the woman he had been interacting with was none other than his neighbor, Miguel contacted her. The fact that Miguel was using a fake profile didn’t bother Ximena much. It didn’t also matter that they both were married and had children. Eventually, Miguel convinced her to leave her family but didn’t show up on the day they were supposed to leave together. Instead, he sent a letter, claiming that he had a change of heart after seeing his children’s faces.

3. Unfriendly Neighborhood Voyeur (Camila and Miguel, S1E3)

Although Camila moves into the gated community where Miguel resides to stop him from hurting other women, she has sex with him within a few days, even after learning that he has a family. Unbeknownst to her and Miguel, Lucas secretly watches them through the surveillance devices placed inside Camila’s house. He then informs his mother about this and grows progressively resentful toward his father. He even begins helping Pedro in the older man’s attempts to throw Miguel out of the family.

2. Tropical Paradise (Camila and Fernando/Miguel, S1E1)

When Miguel and Camila first match on the dating app, the latter doesn’t tell the former that she lied in her profile. She claims to be a nurse on the dating app, hiding the fact that she performs as an exotic dancer at the Golden Lips club under the moniker Red Velvet. However, after some time, plagued by her conscience, Camila tells the truth to Miguel. Her fears of rejection are abated when Miguel takes the news well. The scene plays out on a tropical beach where they are vacationing. The couple proceeds to make love under the warm summer sun. Miguel drenches his lover in wine before drinking from her skin.

1. First Date (Camila and Fernando/Miguel, S1E1)

The first sex scene in the series arguably leaves the biggest impression as it perfectly sets up the tone. Miguel and Camila are two very good-looking people and are pleasantly surprised when they meet each other in real life. He is surprised because she looks exactly like her photo in the profile, while she is surprised that he looks even more handsome in person. They eat, dance, and enjoy the stunning beauty of the night-time Las Vegas before heading up to Miguel’s room. Framed by the Vegas skyline, Miguel and Camila embark on their respective journey to learn about each other — their likes and dislikes. Unbeknownst to them, Camila’s abusive ex watches them through the window with a drone.

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