Allen Foster From Farmer Wants A Wife: All We Know About Him

‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ is a popular dating reality TV show that takes the whole concept of ‘The Bachelor’ to the next level. The show is a spinoff of the original British eponymous show that debuted on ITV in 2001. The show centers on four dashing farmers who meet the women of the city and must choose any one of them to be their forever person.

The one farmer who clearly stood out from the crowd is Allen Foster, who entered the show looking for true love and an intent to settle down. Calling himself a hopeless romantic, he expressed an earnest desire to treat his women with respect and believed in the tiny things in love. His drop-dead gorgeous eyes and alluring presence made us curious to know itsy-bitsy details about his life, and here is everything we found out!

Allen Foster’s Life: Tennessee Cattle Rancher

Allen Foster is a 33-year-old cattle rancher who works on a 200-acre ranch in Williamsport, Tennessee, and hails from Santa Fe, Tennessee. He is a handsome cowboy who is very close to his family. Allen is especially close to his brother Ethan Foster with whom he shares his love for horse riding, and are often spotted in the local cowboy farms, living the best cowboy life. Growing up, the brothers have always been each other’s rock and have continued to strengthen their brethren’s bond.

When Allen isn’t busy rocking his good looks or engaged in his farm work, he is caught hunting and fishing. The reality Tv star also enjoys driving trucks and ATVs. When it comes to women, he isn’t a very smooth talker, but he charms every single of them through his gentleman-like nature and caring and sweet personality.

Allen Foster’s Profession

Allan Foster has an interesting resume. Apart from being the local cowboy hunk and farmer, he is also quite educated and has an interesting job profile. The entrepreneur completed his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Tennessee at Martin. Allen is truly great with his people skills and loves to get his hands dirty on fixing heavy machinery. His excellent sales and people skills have aided him to succeed in all the professional positions he has ever held. The cattle rancher is currently working at Columbia Power & Water Systems as the Apprentice Lineman.

Prior to securing this position, Allen used to work as the Locate Technician in the same company. Before bagging the job at Columbia Power & Water Systems, Allen was working at T

Allen Foster Prefers to Keep His Dating Life Private

Allen has kept his dating life private, and there are no details available about his significant other. However, Allen values family and friendship, and we can see him posing with his brother and a few friends on his social media. Now, fans of this free-spirited personality can either hope to see if romance blossoms between him and other contestants of ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ or wait for an official confirmation about his relationship status by Allen himself.

Allen already has the spirit of a gentleman and is a complete package of being “husband material.” In comparison to all that he’s faced before, the show should be a cakewalk with a few challenging aspects. Thus, we truly hope to see him do his best on the show and may he marry the prettiest and the kindest lady.

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