PBS Kids’ Show Alma’s Way Renewed for Season 3

Alma’s escapades will remain at PBS Kids! The network has renewed the animated children’s series ‘Alma’s Way’ for its third season. The voice casting for the upcoming installment is currently underway, and its recording will take place in Hyperbolic Studios, New York City, in July. Sonia Manzano created the series, with Dave Barton Thomas and Shawn Seles on board as the directors.

In the second season, Alma, inspired by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, helps her friends determine fairness, and she becomes an umpire at a kickball game based on Sotomayor’s suggestion. Alma also tries to understand Beto’s hesitation to break his piñata and deals with regret over giving away an old toy. She and Eddie venture into the food business with a mofongo truck, only to run out of time to make their signature dish. Alma challenges André to scooter races to prove her speed and gets a new flavor named after her by Mr. Piragua Man.

As the sophomore installment progresses, Alma enjoys playing with balloon animals, faces André’s loss of interest, and navigates Junior’s frustration when she distracts him from learning a dance. She enthusiastically plans Chacho’s birthday celebration and helps her friends decide between a new board game and art supplies. The girl partners with Harper to run a lemonade stand and assists Howard in finding a drum for the neighborhood drum circle, in addition to collaborating with Junior to earn toy tickets. Alma teaches Emi to be like her, which results in the latter’s excessive attempts to complete the world’s longest race. Lastly, she breaks the news of Howard’s move to her friends and contemplates whether to buy new materials for her recycled art project.

In the upcoming season of ‘Alma’s Way,’ viewers can expect more adventures of Alma within her vibrant Bronx community. The show will continue to celebrate the diverse voices and cultures of New York, showcasing the protagonist’s interactions with her Latinx family and eclectic group of friends and neighbors. Through engaging stories and relatable scenarios, the new season will likely highlight themes of fairness, creativity, and community, encouraging children to think critically and empathetically.

Although official confirmation is awaited, we expect most of the main voice-cast members to continue lending their voices to their characters for the third season. In addition to the indispensable Summer Rose Castillo as Alma Rivera, the returnees may include Annie Henk as Lulú “Mami” Rivera, Jesús E. Martinez as Ruben “Papi” Rivera, and Danny Bolero as Gustavo “Abuelo” Rivera. Neo Vela, who had been voicing Ruben “Junior” Rivera, seemingly will not be returning, and voice casting for this role is currently open.

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