Alyssa and John: The Circle Contestants Are Still Happily Together

In Netflix’s ‘The Circle,’  forming connections is a crucial step of the process, and the bonds that are formed during the competition can often last for a long time, even in real life. Season 4 of the series saw Alyssa Ljubicich and John Franklin overcome many odds and create an alliance that impressed many. While their connection was not what it could have been on the show, thanks to a hefty dose of catfishing, their bond was still one that impressed many.

Alyssa and John Formed a Strong Alliance on the Show

Both Alyssa Ljubicich and John Franklin were among the contestants who had entered season 4 of the show on the very first episode. Both of them were determined to give it their all and hopefully create alliances that would help them win the game. While Alyssa had decided to be her true self for the competition, John took a different route. The then 24-year-old decided that it might be better if he donned the persona of his mother, Carol, who was in her early 60s at the time.

Despite their fake age gap, Alyssa and a disguised John were able to form quite a good connection. In fact, John even once pulled Alyssa to a group chat and asked for “sex advice,” a conversation that many found hilarious given what was actually going on behind the screens. Both of them formed a strong alliance but were also in touch with people like Josh “Bru” Brubaker, among others. Despite John’s determination to give off a motherly feeling to the younger crowd of the competition, many did suspect him of being a catfish. That said, they were also quite impressed by John’s strategic skills and decided that it mattered little in the end.

In fact, after Alyssa was eliminated from the show, she and Bru discussed how they were both sure that Carol was a fake profile. However, both of them still considered the person behind the mask to be a good friend. In fact, Bru is presented with the tough choice of saving either Alyssa or John. Ultimately, Alyssa left the Netflix show, not knowing just who John was. The man in question was certainly saddened by her departure as she and Alyssa had grown close, and he had come to trust her as one of his allies.

Not long after Alyssa’s exit, John was also eliminated from the show. Not only was he voted to be the least popular contestant by others, but his catfishing skills also seemed to have enough holes that many were not sure what to think of the person they knew to be Carol. The ultimate decision was in the hands of influencers Yu Ling Wu and Frank Grimsley, who chose to block John. While disheartened, he did seem happy about his overall performance.

Alyssa and John Remain Very Much in Love

Given just how strong of a bond Alyssa Ljubicich and John Franklin had formed while on the Netflix show, it did not surprise many that they would have met up shortly after their time on the show was finished. This time around, the two actually were well aware of who the other was, without a catfishing possibility in sight. In mid-2022, not long after season 4 of ‘The Circle’ premiered, Alyssa and John announced to the world that they were in a relationship.

The news of Alyssa and John coming together was well-received by many fans of the show, who were ecstatic that two of their favorites had ended up together. Even today, the two remain highly supportive and never miss a chance to encourage each other, especially when one of them might have done something entirely new. In April 2024, Alyssa shared that she had given a TEDx Talk at the University of California, Davis, with John commenting, “You crushed it!! Unbelievably proud of you and everything that you do,” a gesture that she seemed to appreciate.

Alyssa has actually continued to poke fun at how she and John had first communicated when he was posing as his mother, Carol. “Love can’t be more blind than meeting your bf when he played his 62-year-old mother,” she shared in February 2024. This certainly tickled many of their fans as well as friends, many of whom have expressed openly how much they adore the couple’s dynamic.

Meanwhile, John has left no stone turned when it comes to professing his love for his partner. In October 2023, when Alyssa turned 30 years old, he shared a celebratory birthday post with the caption. “Cheers to 30 years to my best friend and partner in crime,” he shared. “Lucky to be a part of your life so far, and so thankful to celebrate this day with you! Love you most!!” Needless to say, the two are looking forward to spending more of their time together by each other’s side.

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