Prediction: Are Amani and Woody Still Together?

The fast-paced get to know a stranger concept of ‘Married at First Sight‘ has been entertaining us fans since the series first premiered in 2014, but, more importantly, it has been making single individuals’ dreams come true. It enables them to get married and kick-start a domestic life, one that they have been dreaming about for quite some time, with someone who has been handpicked for them by relationship experts.

Season 11, just like its predecessors, has followed the same concept, couples meeting for the first time on their wedding day, going on their honeymoon, and then living together for a while before finally deciding whether or not they want to stay together for good. However, this time it is set in New Orleans and featured five couples. One of whom is Amani and Woody.

Amani and Woody: Married at First Sight Journey

Born and raised in New Orleans, Woody is confident in who he is and what he has to offer to his wife and partner. As a teacher and coach, the 30-year-old has been looking for someone special with whom he can share all his love and kindness. So, when he got paired up with Amani, the 29-year-old passionate non-profit sector worker, it seemed like they were a match made in heaven. After all, she does dream of starting a non-profit organization of her own one day soon, where she can work with the youth, so, it can’t get kinder than that.

Amani had been looking for a partner who shares and supports her career and ambitions, someone with whom she can travel the world and one day start a family, therefore, considering Woody’s nature and career, he fit her type perfectly. Of course, no couple’s journey on the show has ever been smooth sailing, and from the previews, it became evident that their’s was no different. Yes, Woody’s humor about their differences in sexual experiences did make her laugh, but how that would affect their relationship itself, only time will tell.

Being on the same page when it comes to the little things, like how they want to distribute their chores, their sex life, their way of balancing their professional career, family, and relationships, is just as important as their initial connection and bond, and, if Amani and Woody are able to properly communicate with each other regarding these matters, we don’t see why they can’t go all the way in the series, and finally get the happily ever afters that they had been looking for.

Are Amani and Woody Still Together?

MAFS has been really sly in keeping all the information about this couple under wraps and we couldn’t even find their social media accounts from where we could dig up any information. It’s like the reality stars either don’t have any sort of social media presence whatsoever or they do not want anyone to find them right now. Whatever the case, we have been left in the dark about them.

However, considering how there has been no major newsbreak about the couple, we are assuming that they were able to be amicable throughout the series, and are still that way now, irrespective of their relationship status. But, if we had to guess, we think Amani and Woody were able to work through all their issues and are still together. At least, we’re rooting for them to do so.

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