Amazing Race’s Raquel Moore and Cayla Platt: Everything We Know

Raquel Moore and Cayla Platt met and got acquainted with each other while undergoing training to become air-hostesses. Now quite established in their professional fields, the friends turned their attention to reality television with their appearance on ‘The Amazing Race‘ season 33. As with most new reality TV stars, fans are pretty curious to know more about the duo, and hence, we decided to dig up everything there is to know about Raquel and Cayla.

Everything We Know About Raquel Moore

At 31 years of age, Raquel Moore is now an experienced flight attendant based out of Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately, she is pretty private when it comes to her personal life and hasn’t revealed much about her parents or family in the public sphere. Yet, it seems like Raquel shares a wonderful and intimate bond with her parents as she has talked about them on social media. Additionally, the Chicago-based contestant also holds her close ones responsible for her success.

At present, Raquel is employed as a flight attendant at Southwest Airlines. However, she has also dabbled in the real estate business and considers herself to be a relationship life coach. Although Raquel has seemed to have tried keeping her dating life under wraps, it appears that she is in a relationship with Tony Ventosa. The couple has posted quite a few adorable pictures on social media. Since Raquel’s profession requires her to travel frequently, she believes it gives her an edge over other contestants in ‘The Amazing Race.’

Everything We Know About Cayla Platt

Cayla Platt, now 30, is a native of Gulf Breeze, Florida. Like her ‘The Amazing Race’ partner, Raquel, Cayla, too, prefers privacy regarding her family. Growing up in a seemingly tight-knit family, Cayla evidently prioritizes familial values. She even appears to be quite close to her loved ones and often shares the memories they make on social media.

Cayla met Raquel when they were training to be flight attendants and became close friends. And despite the many miles that often separate them, their bond has remained strong as ever. Cayla’s professional life is quite impressive and interesting as she has involved herself in different positions throughout her career. Staring her journey as a Ticketing/Box Office Sales Person at the Silver Spurs Arena in Osceola Heritage Park, Cayla moved on to take up the position of a Substitute Teacher at Kelly Services.

Cayla further expanded her career options and began working as a Recruiting Consultant at HealthCare Support before joining American Airlines as a flight attendant, where she works to this day. On the personal front, Cayla seems to be in a beautiful relationship with Kolton Hanke. Thus with Cayla and Raquel enjoying life and reveling in their newfound reality TV fame, we would like to wish them all the happiness and success in the years ahead.

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