American Ghost Walks on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

The enduring fascination for the otherworldly drives Allison Jornlin and Mike Huberty to seek an investment in season 15, episode 5 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’ The reality series features the unique venture the siblings have undertaken across numerous cities in the country. American Ghost Walks offers unique walking tours that take individuals across some of the most haunted sites in America. Given the ethereal allure of their services, fans have wanted to know the latest updates regarding American Ghost Walks. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

American Ghost Walks: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Converging their interest in the paranormal with the curiosity to uncover secrets, brother and sister Allison Jornlin and Mike Huberty kickstarted American Ghost Walks more than a decade ago. The company was born when Mike and Allison combined their fascination for the supernatural with their love for history. Growing up, the siblings weren’t foreign to suspicious circumstances. The two were brought up in Mukwonago, a place familiar to the inexplicable. Growing up near the mysterious Rainbow Springs Resort, a 760-room hotel that burned down under suspicious circumstances, the duo’s journey to the supernatural was even more interesting.

american ghost walks

In 2008, Allison had been offering ghost tours in Milwaukee. During this time, Mike was struggling to pay his mortgage. So, to keep up with the costs of his household, he became a ghost tour guide. Finally, they came up with a permanent solution and joined hands to launch Madison Ghost Walks, which eventually became American Ghost Walks. Slowly, their company grew, giving them enough leverage to dive all in. The brand managed to get a strong momentum and took off on a meteoric scale. It wasn’t long before their work to expose the paranormal was recognized. In 2016, Allison was awarded the Wisconsin Researcher of the Year by the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference for her devotion and contribution to the discovery of the inexplicable.

Before long, they began combining their love for the paranormal with historical occurrences to facilitate walking tours across America. In addition to retelling folklore accurately, the tours also add an enlightening factor for people thrilled by the innate tragedy associated with these places. Of the two, Mike has devoted his undivided attention to growing the business and finding new avenues of profit. On the other hand, Allison has channeled her decades of experience as a paranormal investigator to develop the tours and conduct research for the walks. The duo employ their knowledge and hope to deliver the heart-clenching fear that lovers of the paranormal often seek.

American Ghost Walks: Where Are They Now?

Using decades of research and observational data, American Ghost Walks has continued to elevate the experiences of individuals looking to discover a slice of horror. The company has continued to grow under the leadership of Allison Jarlin and Mike Huberty for almost 15 years. Fans of the supernatural can see the haunted history in action in Chicago, Wisconsin, Maui, Los Angeles, Maine, Milwaukee, Stillwater, Waukesha, Madison, and Lake Geneva. The company also offers a special tour in Puerto Rico.

With as many as five tours in Chicago and four in Madison, American Ghost Walks details the terrifying details of countless destinations through their historically accurate walks. While many may expect these tours to invoke a sense of mystique and nothing more, the company has included waivers in their policy, defining the actual gravity of these locations. Over the years, American Ghost Walks has earned media attention, as well. Fans of the inexplicable can catch them across renowned publications like Cosmopolitan and Madison Magazine. They have also been featured on The Travel Channel, ABC, ESPN, and The CW.

Besides earning recognition for their work, the company is known for participating in paranormal events all across the country. Most recently, the founders attended the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2023. In addition to organizing tours for individuals throughout the year, they also offer corporate tours. Not just this, people who opt for these tours can even get transportation, food, and beverages to complete their horror experience. Their weekly newsletters detail haunted filming locations, inspirations behind curses, occults, and much more. Using historical events and gruesome details as the bedrock of their venture, the company has continued to expand its unique services.

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