Amy and Johnny: Is the Love is Blind Couple Still Together?

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is kind of the epitome of reality dating productions considering it focuses upon emotionality rather than physicality. The fact its core concept has truly been incredibly successful also plays a significant role in its popularity, especially with eight couples over 5 installments still being married to this date. Hoping to be amongst them following season 6 were actually Amy Tiffany Lenska as well as Johnny McIntyre, only for them to start off on the right foot by quickly finding one another.

Amy and Johnny Had a Fairytale Journey

From the moment 27-year-old e-commerce retail specialist Amy first came across our screens, she’d made it clear she was looking for forever love following a lot of heartbreaks in life. However, she never really expected to come across someone like 27-year-old account executive Johnny, with whom she could feel comfortable and converse about anything from the get-go. Their first date in the pods thus wasn’t like any other typical first date for more reasons than one — it felt as if they’d known each other for decades, leading to further positive conversations.

Whether it be core beliefs, family values, future expectations, or race, Amy and Johnny spoke of everything under the son within the first few days itself, making them really understand their standings. The fact they were on the same page about most things was hence a massive plus, yet what mattered more to them soon thereafter was their admittance they hadn’t even tried to form a connection with anyone else. This was only made much sweeter by the latter unexpectedly blurting out the L-word in the middle of a conversation – he himself didn’t know he was going to do that – just for her to obviously say it back.

It thus comes as no surprise Johnny soon got down on one knee for Amy following a beautiful, emotional speech, just for her to gladly, giddily say yes – they’d decided they were each other’s long ago. Then came their face-to-face reveal, which honestly went like you’d expect it to, considering their time in the pods, with them complimenting one another, laughing, and just being content in one another’s company. Though they did have another sweet moment here as Amy shared her father had once had a dream of her having two children down the line, with both of them having blonde-brunette hair, exactly like Johnny’s.

Despite everything Amy and Johnny had experienced in the pods, it was their time together on a romantic getaway in the Dominican Republic that really set the tone of their relationship. She conceded she wouldn’t have normally gone for someone like Johnny, yet the physical attraction was definitely there – as evidenced by their being unable to stay away from one another for long periods. They were always touching, kissing, or gazing into each other’s eyes, which the latter himself admitted felt straight out of a book because he usually got lost in her for 10-15 minutes at a time and was always left completely speechless.

Amy and Johnny’s time in the real world was honestly the same too, with the latter going as far as to take bachata dance classes with his love to lean more about her culture and make their first dance at the wedding even more special. They did have two hurdles though, with the first being their non-existent intimacy in bed not owing to a lack of desire but out of fear of an unplanned result as Amy’s not on birth control. Protection wasn’t an issue, but Johnny wanted to be as safe as humanly possible because he didn’t want to welcome a child into this world if they couldn’t provide for them the way the deserved. Then there was the issue of possible rejection from her traditional father, especially as he didn’t support this process in the first place, but he did willingly give his blessing upon actually meeting Johnny. Plus, thankfully, this incredible couple was able to communicate and understand each other to make things work, ultimately leading them to happily say yes at the altar.

Amy and Johnny Are Still in Matrimonial Bliss

Therefore, we’re happy to report it appears as if Amy and Johnny are still happily married, with their respective social media platforms being our clear gateway into their lives. Up until early March 2024, it seemed like this Charlotte, North Carolina-based duo was leading drastically different lives, but even then, there were some clues regarding their continued involvement. These included them likely intentionally hiding their left hands in recent pictures so as to conceal their rings; plus, it did look like they were the ones clicking each other’s pictures while traveling across the globe. And now that their marriage is no longer a secret, they’re not shying away from expressing their love in front of the entire world, as seen below, so of course, we wish these genuine souls nothing but the best for the future.

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