Are Brittany and Kenneth From Love is Blind Still Together?

While there’s no denying every romantic relationship has its fair share of ups and downs, things do undeniably get a lot more complicated when there’s an added pressure of making things immediately work. Well, at least this appears to be the case for most couples arising out of reality dating productions across the globe, including Netflix’s own ‘Love is Blind ‘ever since its premiere back in 2020. Though the pairing of Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham from season 6 did try to be the exception with a smooth sailing bond — so now, if you just wish to learn more about them, here’s what we know.

Brittany and Kenneth Fell Hard and Fast

From the moment 24-year-old senior client partner Brittany first came across 25-year-old middle school principal Kenneth in the pods, sparks flew – it was as if they’d known one another for years. Yes, they both conceded they were relatively young to step into such an experiment with hopes of forever, yet they were proud of it as it only showcased they weren’t afraid to go after what they wanted. This actually applied to their connection too, especially as they both made it quite clear early on that they were it – that they weren’t even interested in dating other people to see what the pool is like.

The fact Brittany and Kenneth could connect over not just their familial values but also their religious beliefs was a massive plus for them, yet what mattered most was their future expectations. And when that came to alight to a tee too, the duo practically laid all their cards on the table to get to know one another on a much deeper level – they shared their fears, hopes, and aspirations. Thus, of course, he soon got down on one knee for the woman he knew he wanted to be his life partner, to which she obviously said yes, following a few happy, giddy, blissful tears.

Then came Brittany and Kenneth’s reveal, which just strengthened their connection further by making it clearer they were both there for all the right reasons – they wanted their one true love. The fact the former had already suspected he was Black and had asked about it in the pods itself also made things much easier, especially as the latter already knew she was perfectly okay with it. The duo did concede this was their first interracial relationship but added they were open-minded and were fortunate enough to hail from similar backgrounds too, so they knew that wouldn’t be a problem either.

While it’s true Brittany and Kenneth’s time in the pods was nothing short of a fairytale, it was their romantic getaway to the Dominican Republic that really set the tone of their growing involvement. They’re both attentive caretakers and givers to their core, which did lead to a bit of a halt before they found such a natural connection of doing things for one another as their love language. The latter even shared his thoughts of their union with AD in regard to their race and discussed if she was ready to one day be a mom of Black kids or not before he himself realized she’s a strong, independent woman and could handle any hurdle since she’d chosen this life for herself.

However, things changed between them once they returned to the real world because despite them knowing they could give each other precisely what they wanted out of life, Brittany just didn’t feel any sort of intimate desire for him. It initially did seem like they were extremely attracted to one another physically, yet it just didn’t translate in the long run owing to their internal narratives, professional schedule clashes, plus more. The fact she seemed to overanalyze every situation while Kenneth was going more with the flow and simply understanding how they could make time for one another in their daily lives and adjust accordingly proved to be an issue for them too.

Brittany and Kenneth Couldn’t Make Things Work

Therefore, Brittany and Kenneth decided to part ways instead of going further – they knew they couldn’t get what they desired from one another despite their incredible emotional connection. Though they did part ways on a very positive note, with the latter going as far as to assert there was no beef between them because it wasn’t as if there was any cheating, lies, or betrayals; they just fizzled out. However, since then, both the senior client partner and the school principal based in Charlotte, North Carolina, have confirmed that they have remained in touch, with their social media platforms also indicating they’re now great friends. They’re openly proud of their stint in this reality series, seem to be leading a god-fearing similar life, plus they mutually follow one another, making it clear they’ve remained on good terms.

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