An Animated Valorant Film Reportedly in Development at Riot Games

An animated film based on ‘Valorant,’ a team-based first-person tactical hero shooter game, is reportedly in development at Riot Games. Set in the near future, the game revolves around a group of “Agents,” individuals from several countries and cultures around the world grouped together by a shadow organization that founded the VALORANT Protocol. The Agents take part in several missions while focusing on protecting their group/team. The game was originally released in June 2020.

Riot Games, owned by Tencent, hasn’t yet revealed the plot details of the upcoming film. Since the game follows the storylines of over twenty agents, there will be ample material for the company to conceive the plot of the movie. One of the pivotal storylines may center around “First Light,” a highly consequential event that alters life, technology, and how governments operate on the planet of Earth. The movie most likely will also focus on the Radiants, gifted individuals with special abilities.

As per sources, Tencent is expected to be heavily involved in the development of the film. Reports suggest that the movie will be made exclusively in China in the style of ‘United Together’ cinematic, which was released as part of the game’s official debut in China.

Riot Games is developing the ‘Valorant’ film after collaborating with Fortiche and Netflix to create the adult animated seriesArcane.’ The latter is based on Riot Games’ ‘League of Legends’ and revolves around the conflict between the utopian city of Piltover and its seedy and oppressed underbelly of Zaun. Riot Games is currently supervising the production of the second season of the series, which was greenlighted by the streaming giant following the favorable reception of the show’s first season.

If ‘Arcane’ can be considered as a reference, the upcoming animated film may only follow a handful of characters from the original game. Despite having 164 champions in the source game, ‘Arcane’ mainly revolves around the Jinx and Vi, in addition to supporting characters such as Caitlyn, Viktor, Jayce, Ekko, Heimerdinger, and Singed.

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