Ana Paula Bernardes Today: Paolo Macchiarini’s Ex-Girlfriend is Trying to Heal

Ana Paula Bernardes found herself entangled with the notorious Paolo Macchiarini, a surgeon once hailed as a pioneer in man-made organ transplants, particularly windpipes. Unfortunately, Macchiarini’s practices were exposed as unethical, lacking proper research backing, and driven by narcissism and malice. Ana Paula, like others, experienced the darker side of humanity through her association with him and her story has been featured in Netflix’s ‘Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife.’ As we closely look into Ana Paula Bernardes’ connection with Macchiarini, we will also be able to see the challenges faced by those who found themselves linked to the disgraced surgeon.

Ana Paula Bernardes’ Son Died at the Hands of Macchiarini

Ana Paula Bernardes, facing the difficulty of her 23-year-old son, Danilo, who had met with a severe accident, sought treatment by the famed international doctor, Paolo Macchiarini. Even though Macchiarini performed a tracheal operation on Danilo, it did not go as anyone had hoped. Danilo’s story unfolded much like those of Macchiarini’s other patients – he succumbed shortly after the surgery in Florence.

Ana Paula Bernardes, having witnessed the anguish her son endured in the days following the surgery and leading up to his untimely death, sensed that something was amiss. Responding to her concerns, she took legal action in 2010 against the hospital and the doctor. In the aftermath of her son’s passing and while the legal action for Danilo’s death was ongoing against Macchiarini, he started trying to get close to Ana Paula. Regular calls and text messages demonstrated his concern for her well-being, fostering a connection that evolved into a relationship. In the vulnerable state she was in, the solace provided by Macchiarini during these challenging times contributed to the development of a bond between them.

Ana Paula Bernardes reflects on her relationship with Paolo Macchiarini as a period marked by luxurious trips, extravagant vacations, and fine dining experiences. Unbeknownst to her, the world was grappling with the realization that Macchiarini was a deceiver, engaging in unethical practices. In 2016, the revelation surfaced when Macchiarini’s former fiance, Benita Alexander, a journalist from America, shared her story of being deceived by the doctor with Vanity Fair. This expose brought to light Macchiarini’s deceitful behavior and his involvement with multiple individuals. It was at this moment that Ana Paula learned about the true nature of Macchiarini and promptly ended their relationship.

Where is Ana Paula Bernardes Now?

Ana Paula Bernardes has channeled her experiences into a dedicated Instagram account, where she candidly shares the narrative of her tumultuous time with Paolo Macchiarini, exposing his wrongdoings that led to the death of her son. Through poignant posts, she reminisces about her beloved son, honoring his memory with an outpouring of love. The account serves as a platform to unveil the texts exchanged during her courtship with Macchiarini, providing a window into the problematic aspects of their relationship. In a poignant tribute, Ana Paula has inked her son’s name on her arm, a permanent reminder of the enduring bond they shared.

As Ana Paula Bernardes resides in the serene landscapes of Tuscany, Italy, it appears she is embracing a journey of self-discovery and healing from the unfortunate encounter with a man whose intentions were marked by harm. Navigating through the shadows of her past, she now seems to be reclaiming her identity and finding solace in the simplicity of life. She reflects on her resilience, demonstrating that even after enduring profound pain, one can rediscover strength and serenity within themselves.

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