Andrea DelVesco’s Family is Now Trying to Move On

It was September 2015 when everything turned upside down for the DelVesco family as 21-year-old UCLA psychology student Andrea DelVesco was killed in one of the worst ways imaginable. After all, as carefully explored in Hulu’s ‘Death in the Dorms: Andrea DelVesco,’ she was brutally assaulted and stabbed 19 times before actually being set aflame in her own off-campus apartment. Though what seemingly broke this Texan’s loved ones the most was the fact this was an entirely random offense as the soon-to-be college graduate didn’t even know her assailant beforehand.

Who is Andrea DelVesco’s Family?

With Andrea coming into this world on June 29, 1994, in Austin, Texas, to Leslie and Arthur DelVesco as the middle of their three kids, she made her parents fall into the top 10 percentile of people in this world as she was born on her exact due date. Her older brother’s name is James, whereas his younger sister is Alexis – the latter is reportedly four years younger than her immediate sibling, yet they were always a tight-knit duo. In fact, the whole family was rather close, which is why they often even took lengthy summer vacations together without any significant issues.

Leslie hence knew first-hand of her daughter’s dreams of stepping into the world of psychology to help others, only to express this would be perfect because her soothing personality suited it. However, she did initially want Andrea to attend the University of Chicago upon high school graduation since her brother James was already studying there, so she felt as if the siblings could take care of one another. Needing a genuine change in her life as well as hoping to grow completely responsible though, she ultimately chose UCLA, unaware it would soon end in tragedy.

Leslie, Arthur, James, plus Lexie honestly still vividly remember the fateful day they heard the news of Andrea being burned in her apartment upon being stabbed, shattering their hearts to the core. Neither of them could believe it at first considering she was not just the life of the party but also a caring, kind, loving girl with zero known enemies, but then 22-year-old Alberto Medina plus his friend Eric Marquez were arrested. These strangers, despite the latter being a fellow UCLA student whereas the former was attending Fresno State, were ultimately arrested for murder plus burglary.

Where is Andrea DelVesco’s Family Now?

Although both Alberto and Eric were apprehended in 2015 itself, it unfortunately wasn’t until 2018 that true justice was served, with the former being found guilty of murder, arson, burglary, and animal cruelty. It’s imperative to specify animal cruelty since her pet dog was also burned in the fire, and it was to such an extent he eventually had to be put down to forever sleep so as to enjoy some peace. As for the latter, owing to insufficient physical evidence to ensure his 100% guilt, he was simply allowed to plead guilty to one count each of burglary and accessory to murder.

Nevertheless, Leslie, Arthur, James, plus Lexie all attended as much of the related court proceedings as possible to ensure justice, and they were honestly only able to breathe a sigh of relief after they were sentenced. While Alberto was handed down a life term in prison without the possibility of parole, the latter simply received over 140+ years behind bars for his role in the ordeal. Since then, from what we can tell, the DelVescoes have continued to reside in Austin, Texas, where they’re now surrounded by their remaining loved ones to the best of their abilities while keeping Andrea alive in her heart.

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