10 Anime Like Blue Exorcist You Must See

‘Blue Exorcist’ is an anime that deals with the spawn of Satan, Rin Okumura. But instead of going mental and causing havoc to the entire world, he decides to become an exorcist to fight against his own kind especially against his biological father. The series is well-crafted and the characters have a depth about them. We enjoy seeing such internal conflicts among characters in an anime. If you have enjoyed ‘Blue Exorcist’ and want to watch other anime which delves into similar themes or plots then this list is for you. With that said, here is the list of anime similar to Blue Exorcist that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these anime like Blue Exorcist on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

1. D. Gray Man (2006):

Now if you loved the exorcist theme of ‘Blue Exorcist’ then you will enjoy ‘D. Gray-Man’. The storyline is quite similar to Rin’s. Allen Walker is a teenager who wants to become an exorcist to defeat Millennium Earl who has sworn to end humanity. Allen decides to join an organization named the Black Order, which is a group of talented exorcists who share the goal of Allen. To fulfil this goal they have to defeat Akumas. Allen possesses a cursed eye which lets him find hiding Akumas. All in all, it is a fun anime to watch.

2. Parasyte (2014)

Next is ‘Parasyte’, an anime whose main character and his resolve is quite similar to that of ‘Blue Exorcist’s’ Rin Okumura. The plot starts when parasitic aliens start entering human bodies through nose and mouth. The parasites then start taking control of humanity slowly. One such alien tries to enter into Shinichi Izumi’s ear but since he was wearing earphones, it affects his hand instead. This provides Shinichi with a certain power which he then uses to fight the aliens. He joins hand (no pun intended) with the alien ‘Migi’, who has its own mind, in his adventure.

3. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (2010)

Now again we have a main character who shares a striking resemblance to Rin Okumura. ‘Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou’ is the story of Akuto Sai who is destined to become the Demon King. This causes trouble in his life since he has to face suspecting classmates at his Magic Academy. Everybody is afraid of Akuto, even his close friend Junko Hattori. This means Akuto has to prove that he is not evil and try to win the trust of his classmates and friends. So, there is quite a bit of similarity with ‘Ao No Exorcist’.

4. Attack on Titan (2013)

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Attack on Titan’ because of its characters and great concept. Here we follow the story of Eren Yeager who after witnessing the death of his mother at the hands of a titan, humongous monstrous creatures with a hunger for human flesh, swore to kill every titan on earth. Little did he know that he is one of the rare humans who have the ability to transform themselves into titans. This is where we find similarity between Rin and Eren. With this revelation, people start suspecting Eren and want to kill him. Will he be able to gain their trust and defeat the Titans?

5. Soul Eater (2008)

This is an anime which is similar to ‘Ao No Exorcist’ in its setting and theme. The plot follows the adventure of students in a school in death city run by shinigami lord death. The school aims to train and create weapons for shinigami known as Death Scythes. Death Scythes are formed from humans who can transform into weapons. They can become Scythes only after consuming 99 evil souls and a witch soul. The weapons are then used to defend against evil mystical creatures.

6. Hellsing Ultimate (2006)

This is another anime where we see the main character is fighting his own kind. In ‘Hellsing Ultimate’ we see a world where vampires prey on people and satisfy their hunger. This growing menace is a threat to humanity. To safeguard mankind’s best interest and to fight the vampires an organization known as the Hellsing Organization is taking a stand. In their army lies Alucard who is a vampire himself but serves the organization. He also takes in a young policewoman whom he turns into a vampire to serve his organization.

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7. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

This is an amazing anime series and stands apart on its own. The story is set in a world where both humans and ghouls, monstrous creatures, exist. The ghouls can disguise themselves as humans to avoid detection. This causes huge trouble for the authorities as they don’t know whom to trust. The story follows the life of Ken Kaneki, who after being attacked by a ghoul disguised as a human has turned into half-human half-ghoul. He needs to keep this fact a secret otherwise his life will be threatened. You will surely enjoy watching this anime.

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8. Bleach (2004)

If you are an anime lover then I am pretty sure that you have watched ‘Bleach’. Bleach is one of the most enjoyable anime. The series has more than 300 episodes and has garnered a huge fan following. The story follows the life of Ichigo who has the power to see ghosts. He later becomes a Soul Reaper at first to save his family and then to protect everyone from evil creatures. He keeps this fact a secret from his family and friends to keep them safe. The story has a great plot and great characters which makes it fun to watch. This aired way before ‘Blue Exorcist’.  Rin Okumura’s character follows a similar pattern as Ichigo’s character.

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9. Naruto (2002)


Coming up next on the list is probably one of the most popular anime of our generation, ‘Naruto’. It is the story of a boy who has the spirit of Nine-tailed Fox, a monster, stored within him. Naruto aspires to become one of the greatest ninja and Hokage of his village. If you have watched it before watching ‘Blue Exorcist’, then you have surely noticed the huge similarity between Rin and Naruto. Both have a powerful demonic power of destruction stored within them. They are despised by society for it. Through their effort to do good for people they try to win their trust.

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10. Deadman Wonderland (2011)

This anime is sort of based on a different concept. I chose to keep it on the list because I encountered certain similarities between the lead character Ganta and Rin. Ganta is falsely convicted for murdering his class while they were on a field trip to a prison. After conviction, he is sent to the same prison he was visiting on the field trip. He later learns a certain secret about his own self which links to the murderer. He tries to survive in the prison as well as prove his innocence.