5 Anime Like Infinite Stratos You Must See

If you want your mecha, action anime to be sexy and have lots of fanservice, then ‘Infinite Stratos’ is what you’re looking for. It has lots of pretty female characters who pilot some technologically advanced mechas and wear sexy and exotic uniforms. And if you want some harem comedy with it, then it has got you covered in that aspect too.

Japan has been able to create an advanced exoskeleton which is so powerful that a treaty was signed, banning it from being used in wars. These exoskeletons are Infinite Stratos and can only have women pilots. But turns out there is a guy who can man these machines. Ichika Orimura is a teenager who has this ability. So yes, he has to attend the Infinite Stratos Academy, which is obviously a female-only academy, in order to train and become an Infinite Stratos Pilot. The homeroom teacher at this academy is Ichika’s older sister, the legendary Chifuya Orimura. If you are looking for anime with similar plots or style, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s the list of best anime similar to ‘Infinite Stratos’ that are our recommendations. You can watch several of these anime like ‘Infinite Stratos’ on Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu.

5. Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (2016)

‘Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut’ is pretty similar to ‘Infinite Stratos’. This one also has lots of mecha fights. This anime again has an obvious build up to a harem as in ‘Infinite Stratos’. There are multiple pretty female characters in this show, who all start falling for the male lead. Also, we have a male lead who gets into a female-dominated institution. The animation and soundtrack of this anime are quite good. The plot, like ‘Infinite Stratos’, is kind of lackluster but delivers well on the harem and ecchi front.

The show focuses on Drag-Rides which are ancient mechas that have been excavated from different locations on Earth. The pilots of these mechas are known as Drag-Knights. Lux, the male lead, is a former prince of an empire, Arcadia. One day he ends up accidentally walking into a female bathing area of a dormitory. He sees Lisesharte, the new princess of the kingdom, naked. She challenges him to a drag-ride duel. There’s an all-female academy which trains the royals to become drag-knights and guess who ends up attending this all female school? It is Lux! He joins the academy after his duel with Lisesharte. The anime has a total of 12 episodes with each episode being 23 minutes in length.

4. Seireitsukai no Blade Dance (2014)

Harem comedy with some ecchi stuff is one of the many similarities that ‘Seireitsukai no Blade Dance’ shares with ‘Infinite Stratos’. One of the main differences between the two anime is that while ‘Infinite Stratos’ is more sci-fi ‘Seireitsukai no Blade Dance’ deals with fantasy and magic. Like ‘Infinite Stratos’ this anime too has a bunch of female characters who are unique and wield special powers. But the similarity doesn’t just end there. We have a male character who possesses a power that only females can have. Not only that, but he now also has to join an all-female academy.

Areishia Spirit Academy is the prestigious school for training Holy Shrine Princesses who have the power to contract spirits and make them their slaves. They can then use the spirits to challenge each other in tournaments. The power to perform a slave contract with a spirit has been an all-women game but this changes when a guy by the name of Kamito Kazehaya ends up stealing this power from a princess named Claire Rouge. This makes him the only man in 1000 years to wield this power. But things do not remain very stable in his life as he is forced to enter into the spirit academy. Not only this, he also has to take part in a special tournament which is going to be held in just two months time. With all this happening too quickly and Claire bugging him to become her contracted spirit, will he be able to survive this academy?

3. Hundred (2016)

‘Hundred’ shares a lot of similarities with ‘Infinite Stratos’. Though the series is not for a serious audience, if you enjoyed watching ‘Infinite Stratos’, there’s a good chance you might like this anime too. Again, we have lots of pretty female characters who have special powers and are after a single guy. We then see an overpowered male character who as mentioned before is the center of attraction for many of the female characters. The fight scenes in ‘Hundred’ are quite similar to ‘Infinite Stratos’. The anime deals with a bunch of high school students who go to a special school to receive some specialized training. Plot-wise, I don’t think there has been much effort behind the anime but again, it is just for fun, and must be seen that way.

However, the anime does fulfill its promise of being ecchi and provides us with a harem setting. There are lots of action sequences too, that are highly entertaining. It also has strong sci-fi elements. Earthlings have been living in constant fear of the extraterrestrial beings named Savages. They attack and destroy everything. They are slowly becoming a massive threat to the existence of mankind. But normal weapons can’t hurt them. The only technology capable of dealing a hurting blow is ‘Hundred’; but not everyone is compatible with the weapon. Then comes Hayato Kisaragi. He is a teenager who has survived a Savage attack. It seems that he has the highest level of compatibility with ‘Hundred’. This is why he is invited to the military academy, Little Garden, to train and become a weapon against the Savages. It is here that he meets multiple female characters who develop feelings for him.

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2. Strike Witches (2008)

Well, if you are looking for an ecchi anime with pretty female characters who can kick ass, then ‘Strike Witches’ might be of some interest to you. The anime also shares many similarities with ‘Infinite Stratos’. First of all, we have strong female characters who wear mechanical stuff to fly in the air and strike down the enemy. There are some great areal battles that take place. Amidst all these, it also has the ecchi stuff which can be quite entertaining.

‘Strike Witches’ kind of re-imagines World War 2. In this version, it is not the world versus itself. Rather, humans have come together to defend against an alien threat. Yup, an alien race known as Neuroi has attacked Earth again in the year 1939. Earth has been witnessing invasions from this alien race for a long time. They use a poisonous gas which makes people flee their homes while they suck Earth of its resources and use it against the humans. The Neuroi generally use aircraft to attack humans. To overcome this, witches have come forward to help defend the world. They exploit their magical abilities to use massive and large weapons while flying using mechanical devices. They can also use a force field which gives them defense against the poisonous gas. The anime takes place in the year 1944 and follows the adventures of the 501st Joint Fighter Wings as they put their lives on the line to save the British Isles.

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1. Date A Live (2013)

‘Date A Live’ is a highly popular anime. It is extremely entertaining and if you are looking for something fun like ‘Infinite Stratos’, then you should definitely give this one a try. Both shows share some similarities when it comes to the female characters. They are pretty and badass and bring a lot of action to the series. Then we have a male character who gets thrown into the mix and some of the female characters develop feelings for him. After all, it is one of the main goals of a harem comedy. Both series have enough fan service to keep you entertained.

Spacequakes are a destructive phenomenon which is catastrophic in nature. The first Spacequake happened some 30 years ago before the events of the anime and killed an estimated 150 million. Since then, these catastrophes keep occurring, often causing huge amounts of loss to life and property. Shidou Itsuka is a high school student who lives with his little sister. One unfortunate day, he has to run in to try and save his sister from a Spacequake but he himself gets caught in the blast. He then finds a mysterious girl at the epicenter. Turns out that the girl is a spirit, a being from another world whose arrival into our world brings in destruction. Suddenly comes the anti-spirit task force to save Shidou. Shidou cannot believe that his own sister leads this task force. They have come to exterminate the spirit. But Shidou despises violence, so he finds another method. He finds out that if you make a spirit fall in love, then it will neutralize them. So, yeah he basically starts dating to save the world we live in.

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