Liked Ninja Kamui? Here Are 8 Similar Action Anime Worth Your Attention

E&H Production’s ‘Ninja Kamui’ is a dark action anime packed with violent action sequences in a plot of revenge and conspiracy. Joe Higan is a former ninja whose family is brutally murdered when he attempts to leave his clan and organization. From the precipice of death, he reemerges as Ninja Kamui, a man living only for vengeance. His blood-streaked rampage takes us across a slightly futuristic US, with high-tech weaponry and cyborg assassins pitted against Higan’s brutally efficient ancient techniques. The narrative of clandestine organizations operating from the shadows and throwing everything they have at one man creates a thrilling experience – something that fans can experience in anime like ‘Ninja Kamui’ given below.

8. The Kingdoms of Ruin (2023-)

From Yokohama Animation Laboratory, ‘The Kingdoms of Ruin’ introduces us to a world of humans with advancing technological prowess and witches with powerful, god-given magic. The natural order is upset when the technologically peerless Redian Empire begins a purge of the witches. The narrative revolves around Adonis, an orphaned human whose adoptive witch mother is mercilessly executed in front of him.

The Witch’s apprentice is kept in a maximum security containment cell until the fateful day of his accidental release, which will changes the world once more. Those who liked the thrills of vengeance and gory action sequences in ‘Ninja Kamui’ will find themselves drawn in by the gratuitous violence, revenge-crazed protagonist, and the explorations of a dystopic world brought to the edge of annihilation due to man’s vices.

7. Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (2007)

‘Dogs: Bullets & Carnage,’ by Studio Pierrot, plunges us into the sprawling metropolis of Ergastulum. The story follows a diverse cast of characters, each with their own dark past and hidden agendas. At the center of the narrative is Mihai a former assassin who has moved to the town to settle an old vendetta. As he traverses the treacherous streets of Ergastulum along with a crew of associates, they confront dangerous criminals, corrupt organizations, and deadly underground experiments. With its intense action sequences, dark criminal underworld, and vendetta-based narrative, the series has many similarities to ‘Ninja Kamui,’ and will deliver a thrilling experience for its fans.

6. Darker Than Black

Produced by Bones studio, ‘Darker Than Black’ transports us to a world where a mysterious phenomena called Hell’s Gate and Heaven’s Gate have appeared, granting individuals supernatural abilities at the cost of their humanity. The story follows Hei, a skilled assassin known as the Black Reaper. Working as a Contractor for a secretive organization called the Syndicate, Hei undertakes dangerous missions while grappling with his own troubled past and moral dilemmas. Much like ‘Ninja Kamui,’ the anime features otherworldly elements, powerful clandestine groups, and a shadowy world filled with intrigue and deception.

5. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

A collaboration between CD Projekt Red and Studio Trigger, ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ is set in a futuristic world with cybernetic humans based on the video game franchise of the same name. The series delves into the lives of diverse characters navigating a world filled with cybernetic enhancements, corporate machinations, and underground factions. Centered around a young street kid caught in the midst of escalating tensions between mega-corporations and street gangs, the story unravels a web of conspiracies and power struggles. With stunning visuals, adrenaline-pumping action, and thought-provoking themes, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners promises delivers an immersive and thrilling anime experience likely to enthrall fans of ‘Ninja Kamui.’

4. Black Lagoon (2006)

Brought to life by Madhouse studio, ‘Black Lagoon’ is a riveting anime series of mercenaries, crime, and redemption. Set in the lawless underworld of Southeast Asia, the story follows Rokuro Okajima, an ordinary salaryman who finds himself kidnapped by the mercenary group, the Lagoon Company. As Rokuro adapts to his new life as a member of the crew alongside Revy, Dutch, and Benny, he becomes embroiled in high-stakes missions, deadly confrontations, and international intrigue. With its gritty atmosphere, memorable characters, and pulse-pounding action sequences, ‘Black Lagoon’ will appeal to those who enjoyed the slick action and adventure in ‘Ninja Kamui.’

3. 91 Days (2016-2017)

Set against the backdrop of Prohibition-era America, Studio Shuka’s ’91 Days’ is a gritty tale that follows Angelo Lagusa as he seeks vengeance against the Vanetti mafia family responsible for the brutal murder of his family. Adopting the new identity of Avilio Bruno, Angelo leaves Lawless City and hones his skills, biding his time. An opportunity presents itself when he receives a letter from the Vanetti Don’s son, asking him to return to the city for a secret alliance against the mafia.

Fans of ‘Ninja Kamui’ will be drawn into ‘91 Days’ as Angelo’s quest for retribution leads him to form alliances, manipulate events, and confront the demons of his past. ’91 Days’ delivers a memorable tale of revenge, crime, and psychological depth, making it a must-watch for those who liked similar aspects of ‘Ninja Kamui.’

2. Gungrave (2003-2004)

Produced by Madhouse studio and based on the video game of the same name, ‘Gungrave’ is an incredibly edgy anime that revels in its gothic style, featuring a story of betrayal and damned vengeance. Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell are two close friends who join the ranks of the Millennion crime syndicate as grunts. While Brandon simply wants to live a better life, Harry seeks to eventually usurp the Don.

The episodes switch back and forth between past and future, showing glimpses of Brandon having become a hellish reaper – Beyond The Grave. He kills monsters and men alike with two very large guns and a wicked-looking machine gun on his back. Harry on the other hand has become a ruthless crime boss. As the epic saga of Harry and Brandon is pieced together, we are treated to excessively violent visuals and a classic tale of revenge and redemption sure to engross fans of ‘Ninja Kamui.’

1. Hell’s Paradise (2023-)

Created by Mappa, ‘Hell’s Paradise’ follows a group of powerful death row inmates being sent on a mission to a mysterious island to find the elixir of eternal life. Set in Edo-era Japan, the series follows Gabimaru, a seemingly immortal ninja who tries to escape the inhumane duties of his tyrannical ninja clan. Being offered a chance for freedom for himself and his wife by the shogunate, Gabimaru agrees to head to the island and find the elixir.

The series is a feast for the senses, with fantastical shinto-buddhist style creatures and architecture encountered by the protagonists on the reality-defying island. Like ‘Ninja Kamui,’ ‘Hell’s Paradise’ follows a ninja who tried to be free of his clan. Both series boast phenomenal visuals and fights along with gripping character arcs.

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