Yubisaki to Renren (A Sign of Affection): 10 Similar Anime You’ll Like

‘Yubisaki to Renren,’ or ‘A Sign of Affection,’ is a romance anime that follows hearing-impaired university student Yuki Itose, who begins to fall for Itsuomi Nagi, a fellow student who treats her normally while making an effort to close their communication gap. A tender relationship develops between the shy yet curious Tuki and the cool-headed Itsuomi as they begin to explore university life together. Crafted by studio Ajia-do, the romance anime is loved for its heartwarming moments, an authentic depiction of romance, and a profound understanding of deafness. These are some anime like ‘Yubisaki to Renren’ that will warm you up with their heartfelt narratives.

10. The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses (2023)

Made by studio GoHands, ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses’ draws us into a charming tale of teenage romance that revolves around a high school boy whose crush keeps on forgetting her glasses, which gives him an opportunity to help her out. Kaede Komura has a crush on his absent minded classmate, Ai Mie. As he hopes that she will notice him, Yuki discovers that Kaori has a peculiar habit of forgetting her glasses, which seems to accelerate when he starts to help her because of it.

If you liked the humor and overblown character reactions in ‘Yubisaki to Renren,’ ‘Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta’ will provide plenty of gags that will leave you chuckling at the awkwardness and antics of the protagonists. Both anime have their main couple undergo personal growth, ultimately finding solace and companionship with each other.

9. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (2014-)

Also known as ‘Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun,’ the studio Doga Kobo anime follows high school student Chiyo Sakura, who harbors a secret crush on her classmate, Umetarou Nozaki. When she finally musters the courage to confess her feelings, a misunderstanding leads her to become Nozaki’s assistant in his manga-writing endeavors. What ensues is a series of comedic misadventures as Chiyo navigates the quirky world of manga creation alongside Nozaki and his eccentric group of friends.

From researching romantic scenarios to attending awkward research trips, Chiyo finds herself in increasingly absurd situations, all while developing close friendships and hoping that the stoic Umetarou will notice her feelings. With a charming yet seemingly hopeless romance between the main characters, fans of ‘A Sign of Affection’ will be drawn into the story as they nevertheless become closer and more understanding of each other.

8. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro (2021-2023)

Known in Japanese as ‘Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san,’ the romantic comedy anime centers on the unique relationship that slowly forms between an introverted artist, Naoto Hachiouji, and his bully, Hayase Nagatoro. Nagatoro loves to bully her senior Naoto, as his innocence and sheepish responses thoroughly entertain her. However, the two develop a subtle friendship and become protective of one another when the situation calls for it. While Nagatoro continues her playful teasing, she slowly brings Naoto out of his lonely shell and helps him grow.

While the relationship between Naoto and Nagatoro is dissimilar to that of Yuki and Itsuomi on a surface level, much like the latter, they thoroughly admire each other and create a genuine romantic bond based on mutual appreciation. The anime by Telecom Animation Film is a gripping watch with flaring emotions, absurd scenarios, and wild reactions.

7. Fruits Basket (2019-2021)

Brought to life by TMS Entertainment, ‘Fruits Basket’ introduces us to the unfortunate Tooru, a kind-hearted high school student who finds herself living in a tent after her mother’s passing. Upon discovering her situation, the enigmatic Sohma family offers Tohru a place to stay. However, Tohru soon learns the Sohma family’s secret—they are cursed to transform into animals of the Chinese zodiac when embraced by someone of the opposite sex.

Despite the family’s challenges, Tohru forms deep bonds with the Sohmas, including the stoic Yuki, the brash Kyo, and the wise Shigure. Through moments of laughter, tears, and self-discovery, ‘Fruits Basket’ presents a wholegrain romantic anime experience that will likely appeal to fans of ‘Yubisaki to Renren.’ The show is a romantic classic filled with warmth, poignance, and emotional depth, and has had a new adaptation since its original release in 2001.

6. Horimiya (2021)

A widely loved romance anime by CloverWorks, ‘Horimiya’ centers on the unlikely relationship between the seemingly introverted Izumi Miyamura and the boisterous Kyouko Hori. At school, Hori maintains a popular and outgoing persona, while Miyamura appears to her as a quiet classmate. However, a chance encounter outside of school reveals their true selves to each other. When an unexpected situation leads to Miyamura helping out Hori at her home, the two begin to develop a heartwarming bond.

Much like ‘A Sign of Affection,’ the series strikes the perfect balance between lighthearted romantic comedy and an over-the-top romantic drama. With their endearing characters and heartfelt moments, both anime capture the essence of youth and the transformative power of genuine relationships.

5. My Senpai is Annoying (2021)

Animated by studio Doga Kobo, ‘Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi’ revolves around the playful relationship between a tiny saleswoman, Futaba Igarashi, and her senior coworker, Harumi Takeda. While Futaba is relatively new at her place of work and strives to make a mark, she is watched over by Takeda, a supportive and jovial man whose burly figure starkly contrasts Futaba’s. While Takeda is very helpful to Harumi, she is annoyed by his playful demeanor, which includes laughing at her and patting her head.

As the two face tumultuous situations at the workplace together, their relationship blossoms into something more than just coworkers. ‘My Senpai is Annoying’ will be appreciated by enthusiasts of lighthearted romantic comedy anime such as ‘‘A Sign of Affection.’ Besides the endearing bond between the protagonists, the anime also features another possible office romance and plenty of new scenarios to shake up the usual dynamics between the characters.

4. Senryuu Girl (2019)

‘Senryuu Girl,’ or ‘Senryuu Shoujo,’ follows Nanako Yukishiro, a high school student who cannot speak normally and communicates solely through senryuu—short, haiku-like poems. Despite her reserved nature, Nanako forms an unlikely friendship with Eiji Busujima, a former delinquent with a passion for senryuu. The two end up spending time together at the literature club, and begin to appreciate each other for their unique qualities.

Animated by studio Connect, the series draws several parallels with ‘A Sign of Affection’ as it has a protagonist who can only communicate through a certain medium, which is reciprocated by her love interest. Both shows’ romances form as the heroine is able to express herself with someone and explore an exciting phase of adolescence with them.

3. Aharen Is Indecipherable (2022)

Known in Japanese as ‘Aharen-san wa Hakarenai,’ the studio Felix Film anime introduces us to Matsuboshi Raidou, a high schooler eager to make friends, as he has so far failed to do so owing to his frowny face. He tries to talk to Reina Aharen, a small girl sitting next to him, but seemingly gets ignored. It turns out that Reina also wants to make friends but has a whisper of a talking voice and no concept of personal space. If you liked the cutesy and comedic elements of ‘A Sign of Affection,’ this anime will likely appeal to you with a similarly hindered character. While the story is more about friendship than romance, it captivates with unique and hilarious scenarios created by the quirky protagonists, while boasting interesting side characters.

2. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (2018-2021)

Also called ‘Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii,’ the story follows Narumi and Hirotaka, two childhood friends who reunite as colleagues in the same company, each hiding their otaku hobbies. As their friendship deepens, Narumi and Hirotaka decide to start dating, forming an unlikely couple united by their shared interests in things like video games, cosplay, and manga. As they balance work, love, and their otaku lifestyles, the anime manages to create a very grounded yet entertaining narrative of awkward adults figuring out and enjoying life.

With their quirky friends, Hanako and Tarou, the show capitalizes on its cast with strong character development and growth as we learn about them through organic conversations. This makes the frequent jokes and their comedic reactions to each other all the more impactful. Vibrantly animated by A-1 Pictures, the anime will enthrall fans of the romance and slice-of-life genres. Like ‘A Sign of Affection,’ the series has protagonists who have trouble clearly communicating and navigating their relationship. But with time and care, the otakus find their way to a burgeoning romance.

1. Komi Can’t Communicate (2021-2022)

Shoko Komi is a high school student admired for her beauty and elegance. However, she has a secret that prevents her from making friends: crippling social anxiety. Despite this, she dreams of making a hundred friends. One day, Tadano Hitohito, an empathetic classmate who admires Komi, discovers her secret and decides to help with her goal of being able to make friends.

Known originally as ‘Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu,’ the anime by studio OLM is quite similar to ‘A Sign of Affection’ with its protagonist having a restricted range of communication. However, the narrative focuses more on friendship, comedy, and character development than romance. For those who liked delving into Yuki’s world in ‘A Sign of Affection’ and understanding her perspective on deafness, ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ does the same with social anxiety.

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