15 Best Anime Wolf Girls of All Time

Human-animal hybrids are a popular theme in any form of entertainment media. It has been so for a long time. This is probably because humans love to believe in something fantastical. Wolf-human hybrids are a recurring theme in anime. There are many characters who fall under this category spanning across various anime. So, why not take a look at some of the female versions of the wolf-human hybrids out there in some of the anime. The list does not follow any order. If you have seen anime like wolf girl and black prince.

15. Arf, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Let’s kickstart the list with Arf who is a sexy wolf demon from the magic, drama anime series ‘Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha’. Takamichi Nanoha’s ordinary life changes when she encounters a talking ferret who has received an injury. Nanoha followed the ferret’s telepathic cries for help which led her there. Turns out that the ferret is actually a mage and an archaeologist by the name of Yuuno from another world. He has mistakenly scattered the dangerous jewel seeds across Earth. Now, he needs someone’s help to find all the jewel seeds. Nanoha decides to help him and receives a red jewel from him which will allow her to transform and use magic to fight monsters after the seeds. Arf is a familiar of Fate, who is a mage looking for the seeds because her mother wants them. Arf is quite protective of Fate and is very kind to her.

14. Minna-Dietlinde “Fürstin” Wilcke, Strike Witches

Minna-Dietlinde “Fürstin” Wilcke is a cute and badass wolf-girl from the action, military anime ‘Strike Witches’. The anime has some ecchi stuff as well. So, if you are into that stuff you might wanna check this anime out. The anime takes place in a time when the second world war is on full throttle. But this is a different version of the war where instead of Nazis we have to fight aliens who attack from the sky. Naturally, humans are inadept to such attacks and are not able to fight back leaving the witches to take the frontline of defense. Minna is a fighter from the 501st Joint Wing of fighters. Her wolf mode comes out only in combat where she grows long ears and fluffy tail. She looks really cute in this form.

13. Eruruu, Utawarerumono

Eruruu is the female protagonist of the fantasy anime ‘Utawarerumono’. She is a cute looking fox-girl who saves a man she found in the woods. The man does not seem to have any memory of how he got there or who he is. He does not even remember his name. Eruruu takes him to her cottage where her little sister and grandmother lives. They name him Hakuoro. Hakuoro has a mask on his face that he cannot remove. Also, he is a strange man in this land since he does not have any wolf-like features like long pointy ears or fluffy tail. Who is this mystery man? Eruruu later falls in love with Hakuoro.

12. Riza Wildman, Kaibutsu Oujo

Riza Wildman is the sexy badass half-breed wolf-girl from the supernatural, action anime ‘Kaibutsu Oujo’. The story of the anime revolves around a boy by the name of Hiro Hiyorimi who tries to save a girl but instead ends up dead. Since the girl is the daughter of the monster King, Hiro will be given a chance to live as the guard of Hime, the girl he was trying to save. Riza Wildman’s brother was killed by someone in the royalty and she initially thought that it was Hime though later her confusions were cleared out. Her father is a werewolf and her mother is human. This makes her a hybrid and she can only transform her arm up to her elbow.

11. Lupusregina Beta, Overlord

Lupusregina Beta is one of the supporting characters in the isekai, game anime, ‘Overlord’. ‘Overlord’ is one of the best game anime out there where the protagonist gets trapped in a game. Here the protagonist is Momonga who gets trapped in a game by the name of Yggdrasil. In this game world, Momonga is one of the most powerful beings. Lupusregina is one of the members of the Pleiades Six Stars who are the maid battle squad of the Nazarick tomb. She is a beautiful wolf-girl who is fierce, brutal, and cunning. She has brown skin and is mostly seen wearing her maid’s uniform which complements her curvy figure quite nicely and has red hair which she ties into two braids.

10. Ayame, InuYasha

Ayame is a pretty wolf-girl from the anime ‘InuYasha’. ‘InuYasha’ is a supernatural, action anime where the protagonist Kagome Higurashi lands 500 years back in time after falling down a well while grappling with a demon. She later finds out that she has a wish-granting jewel inside her which is why the demon has attacked her. But during the fight, the jewel breaks and the shards are scattered. Now, Kagome enlists the help of a dog-demon by the name of InuYasha to help her recover the shards. Ayame is a wolf girl who is in love with Kouga who even though had promised to marry her failed to do so. Ayame is quite beautiful and carries a sword with her. She also wears a wolf fur over her shoulders and her waist.

9. Bianca (Whitney), Doubutsu no Mori

Bianca is not your common fox girl where we generally get to see a sexy female human having certain wolf-like features. Rather Bianca is a wolf-girl who looks more like a wolf than a human girl. She is generally seen wearing a Kimono. Bianca is one of the main characters of the anime movie Doubutsu no Mori. The anime is quite fun and nothing too serious happens during the movie. this is a great movie for kids as well. The protagonist of this anime is AI who moves to an animal village and settles there.

8. Yuki, Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

‘Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki’ is one of the best anime movies out there. I highly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it yet. Hana is one of the main characters of the anime. She is hard-working and pretty. She falls in love with a mysterious man. Later she finds out that the man is actually the last surviving werewolf. But even after knowing that she stays with him and the couple has two children. Both of them are wolf-human hybrids. One of the children is the cute wolf-girl Yuki. She is just adorable. She is elder of the two children and is the one who narrates the story.

7. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti, Dog Days

I know most of you have figured by now that ‘Dog Days’ will have something to do with dogs and not wolves. But since wolves are basically the ancestors of dogs please just let it slide for the next cutie on this list, Millhiore Firianno biscotti. She is the female protagonist of the anime and is the one to bring Cinque Izumi from Earth to be her kingdom’s hero. But she did not know that once a hero is here he cannot be returned home. Millhiore is the process of her kingdom and is loved by all. She is also a decent singer and holds concerts and stuff. She falls in love with Cinque at first sight of him.

6. Blue, Wolf’s Rain

The wolves in ‘Wolf’s Rain’ have the ability to transform completely into their animal forms. Blue is one of the supporting characters in the anime series. She has brown skin, blue eyes, and black hair. She is quite pretty and lives as a pet dog to Quent Yaiden. Blue does not know of her wolf bloodlines and thus, behaves as a dog and along with Quent hunts wolves. But later her wolf-self wakes up when she meets Cheza and she leaves Quent as she thinks that she should not be hunting her own kind. The anime revolves around a group of wolves trying to find the opening to the paradise, a utopian land promised only to wolves.

5. Liru, Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

Liru is a werewolf and is one of the main characters of the magic, comedy series ‘Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan’. She is quite pretty and is mostly seen in a revealing outfit. She has blonde hair and brown skin. Liru is quite energetic and has the ability to completely transform into a wolf though she mostly ends up looking like a yellow puppy. Liru seems to transform even if she sees a moon-like or moon-shaped object. But the funny thing is that she can somewhat shield herself from the effects of the real moon. Liru is one of the four other girls all of whom are quite unique and have inhuman abilities.

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4. Luna Tsukuyomi, Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou

Luna Tsukuyomi is one of the magical girls from the anime ‘Genei wo kakeru Taiyou’. Akari Taiyou is the protagonist of the anime. After the death of her mother, she starts living with her aunt, her uncle and her cousin Fuyuna. Akira wants to become a fortune teller and has a deck of tarot cards with her. One night she dreams about being attacked by a plant monster. A much stronger version of herself defeats the monster. Later, she wakes up to find that the monster was actually Fuyuna. Soon, everyone somehow forgets about Fuyuna’s existence completely. After having a similar dream Akira is rescued by three magical girls who inform her of her abilities and asks her to use them to save mankind from Daemonia. Luna becomes a werewolf during the course of the anime after Daemonia manipulates her. this is because she was overwhelmed with jealousy, making her vulnerable to such manipulations.

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3. Ai, Dragon Crisis

Ai is a wolf-human hybrid from the magic, supernatural anime ‘Dragon Crisis’. She has the nickname ‘Odd Eye’ owing to each of her eyes being different in color. Her right eye is golden while her left eye is blue. She is a thief and has a tattoo on her arm which allows her to transform into a half-wolf. Her master is the one who put the tattoo there. He lied to her about her parent’s death and used her as an experiment. He even told her that she was born an half-wolf. The anime follows the adventures of Kisaragi Ryuji as he tries to protect the dragon girl rose from the black organization. Ai likes Ryuji because he saves her from her life as a thief.

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2. Nozomu Ezomori, Kanokon

Nozomu Ezomori is a wolf girl from the anime ‘Kanokon’. The protagonist of the anime is Kouta Oyamada who has a supernatural problem. He keeps on attracting animal spirits. So, when he moves to attend high school in the city he ends up attracting a bunch of girls who are animal spirits thus losing any chance of making an impression. Nozomu is a wolf deity who is also a first-year student at the school that Kouta attends. She is quite cute and has short silver-colored hair. She is in love with Kouta which makes her a rival of Chizuru. Nozomu has an older brother by the name of Saku whose pornographic magazines are sort of a guide for her to get Kouta’s affection. She loves food a lot and comes very close to gluttony. She lives in an expensive penthouse.

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1. Holo, Ookami to Koushinryou

‘Ookami to Koushinryou’ is a pretty decent anime. It is fun entertaining and has only around 13 episodes. Holo is the female protagonist of the anime. She is a wolf harvest deity. She promises the people of a village that she will bless their harvest every year and thus the villagers revere her. But as time passes by the villagers become much more self-sufficient and slowly Holo becomes nothing more than folklore. But then a trader encounters Holo and accepts her proposition of becoming his business partner if he takes her to the land of Yoitsu. Holo is quite pretty and has brown ears. The color of her eyes is red.

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