11 Best Zombie Anime Girls of All Time

Wakey Wakey! All you zombie fans out there. It’s time to look at some of the zombie anime girls out there. Yup, that is what the list is going to be all about. Zombies are an important part of the entertainment media and are a popular theme in anime too. But instead of giving you some zombie anime why not take a look at list of top zombie anime characters out there? You can watch several of these zombie girl anime on NetflixHulu or Crunchyroll. Don’t forget to mention your favorite pick in the comments. Enjoy!

11. Rea Sanka, Sankarea

Rea Sanka is the female protagonist of the comedy, horror anime series ‘Sankarea’. We all know that Anime can bring up some really crazy ideas and implement them into something funny and entertaining. ‘Sankarea’ is one such anime. The male protagonist of the anime is Chihiro Furuya who loves undead things and wishes to have a zombie girlfriend. His wishes are fulfilled when a girl by the name of Sanka Rea ends up drinking his resurrection potion, which he made for reviving his dead cat and dies after getting caught in a fatal accident. Then she wakes back up but now she is a zombie. But instead of being a dream come true of having a zombie girlfriend it seems that life is going to be much stranger with Sanka around as her new form has weird cravings which he has to fulfill.

10. Zombina, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Zombina is one of the monster girls from the ecchi, comedy anime series ‘Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou’. The show is filled with hot female human-animal hybrids and other monsters and if you have a fetish regarding that then you are in luck because the show will completely satisfy you in that domain. Zombina is one of the hottest zombie girls in this list with her slender and curvaceous figure. She is also quite well endowed. She is one of the undead people. Her hair is red in the front and black in the back. Though if someone just glances at her then she might appear completely normal but if you examine a bit closer than you will find that her skin is of different shades. This is because her body seems to have been sewn from different parts. Zombina is a part of the Monster Ops: Neutralization which is a division of the security forces. Zombina is also an excellent marksman. Being a zombie a bite from her is infectious and if someone is dying they can become a zombie.

9. Euphrosyne Studion, Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan

Euphrosyne Studion is the main protagonist or the antagonist of the anime series ‘Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan’. I could not decipher her role in the anime because on one hand she kills good people and on the other hand, she kills bad people. Also, at times she is shown to be feeling guilty about it. She is hot and curvaceous but before you get your hopes high about watching the anime there are a few things that you should know. The anime is an Original Net Animation and consists of one hour and 19 minutes long. The show is extremely violent and contains all the gore you can imagine. So, believe me, if anything like that ticks you off it is better to stay away from this anime. Euphrosyne is a zombie. A few university students steal the life stone from her mummified body waking her and her maid up. Now, they are zombies and they want their life stone back even if it means that they will have to take lives.

8. Makina Hoshimura, Shikabane Hime

‘Shikabane Hime’ or ‘Corpse Princess’ is a popular anime about zombies and you will be seeing some characters from the series on this list. Makina Hoshimura is the protagonist of the anime series. She is the Shikabane Hime of Ouri Kagami. In this anime, the Kougon cult is an organization responsible for creating the Shikabane. Makina becomes one after she is murdered along with her family. Now, she is out for revenge against the undead organization who have been responsible for her and her family’s death. Makina is tall, slender, and beautiful. She has pale skin, large eyes, and violet hair. She is generally seen wearing a typical high school uniform. Initially, she was contracted to a monk by the name of Keisei who gave her life but after his death, in episode 12 she becomes the Shikabane Hime of Ouri Kagami.

7. Mumei, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Mumei is one of the main characters in the action, horror anime series ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’. Her being on this list is a spoiler so sorry if you wanted to see this anime. The anime takes place during the industrial revolution. During this era, suddenly there is an outbreak of a deadly virus which turns people into man-eating zombies. The only way to end the life of such a creature is to destroy the steel-coated heart they possess. But it is easier said than done since a bite from a zombie can turn you into a zombie. Mumei’s real name is Hozumi and she is the adoptive sister of Biba Amatori. She has top-notch skills which allow her to take the lives of multiple zombies with ease. Later, we found out that this beautiful badass girl is actually a zombie. She has short hair of brown color and large eyes. There’s a ribbon tightly tied across her neck which allows her to suppress her the zombie virus. Once she removes the ribbon she can fully access her zombie abilities.

6. Victoria Cindry, One Piece

Victoria Cindry is a zombie girl from the popular action, adventure, comedy anime series ‘One Piece’. The anime is really famous and is one of the most entertaining shoujo anime out there. The anime is currently ongoing and is well over 800 episodes. I know most of you are already watching this anime and almost all of you know about it but still, if you are someone who has still not seen it then please do so. If you love adventures and over-the-top action sequences then go for it. One of the best attributes about the show is its array of wonderful characters especially the supporting ones. Victoria Cindry was a famous stage actress during her live days. Now, she is a zombie and works as a maid for Dr. Hogback who is the one responsible for stealing her corpse and turning her into a zombie. She hates plates a lot and serves food directly on the table and Hogback has to eat it like that only. Being a zombie she has to follow every order that Hogback gives her having lost her own will. But later she gains her will back and disobeys her master and smiles for the first time after becoming a zombie.

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5. Rita Rage, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

Rita Rage is one of the main characters from the action, adventure, magic anime series ‘Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis’. She is the only surviving member of her village after the Nebelville massacre. Rita is also a necromancer and for nearly 200 years she tries to survive in the village reviving again and again. But her parents are the ones who end up biting her thus turning her into a zombie. The Bounty hunter/ former knight Kaiser Lidfard spares her life and from that moment onwards she starts following Kaiser. Her physical appearance is that of a child. She reanimates all the people in her town and lives with them. When Kaiser comes to the village he falls trap to an illusion and could not understand that the townsfolks were zombies. Later, he understands that only Rita is not a zombie. But while chasing her he finds her trying to stop her father from attacking Kaiser. Her mother jumps and bites her which kills her temporarily but she revives as a zombie. Kaiser the spares her life following which she starts following him in his search for Favaro.

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4. Fresh Backbone, Shikabane Hime

Fresh Backbone is one of the zombie girls from the anime ‘Shikabane Hime’ or ‘Corpse Princess’. I decided to include her in this list for the guys who love sexy anime characters who have a huge bosom. Yup, enjoy watching her. People who have been reading the manga might not recognize her since she is exclusively present in the anime only. If you know Touma Sawamiya from the manga then just treat Fresh Backbone as a sort of replacement for her character in the anime. She appears on the first episode of the second season of the anime. She is a foreigner who dies in a plane accident. Before her death, she was flying to Akihabara. Like Umehara she is an Otaku and mostly acts like an immature person. But she can be quite serious when situations are dire. Fresh uses two pistols as her primary weapon. But she has also been shown using giant shurikens too.

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3. Sakura Minamoto, Zombieland Saga

Sakura Minamoto is the female protagonist of the music, comedy anime series ‘Zombieland Saga’. To tell you the truth I came to know about the anime only while researching for this list and decided to give it a watch. The series is somewhat entertaining and I feel that the concept is really different. Sakura Minamoto likes to sing. Before her death, she was going for an audition. But her journey was cut short and she was killed in a traffic accident. Years later she wakes up only to find out that she is a zombie and a guy by the name of Tatsumi has resurrected her and six other legendary girls from various eras of the Japanese History to create an all-zombie idol group to save the Saga Prefecture. Sakura has long, straight, rose-pink hair. Her skin is pale blue in her zombie form. She still wears what looks like her school uniform.

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2. Minai Ruo, Shikabane Hime

Minai Ruo is one of the Shikabane Hime from the anime ‘Shikabane Hime’. Well, I already told you that we are going to have a few characters from the series on this list. She is the Shikaben Hime of Shuji Isaki who is a Gon Sojo of the Ikai district and hails from the Kogon sect. Minai is a character who appears only in the anime version of ‘Shikabane Hime’. Though in the main series we don’t get to know much about her past we get a nice glimpse of it in the Original Video Animation. We learn that Minai was in an abusive relationship where her boyfriend treated her badly. One day she kills him by stabbing him. But the incident does not sit well with her and she falls into depression ultimately committing suicide. The monks decide to make turn her into a Shikabane Hime and contract her to Keisei but Isaki volunteers and contracts her to himself. Minai is quite pretty. The weapon she uses is the iron gauntlets which enhances her punching power.

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1. Doya, Akame Ga Kill

‘Akame ga Kill’ is a popular action, adventure, fantasy anime series. The series is extremely violent and if such a thing ticks you off then steer clear of the anime. In this anime, there are special weapons having the name of Teigu. These weapons have been around for a long time. Around 900 years ago someone creates these weapons from extremely rare materials and powerful beasts they dub danger beasts. The Teigu are a bunch of really powerful weapons and it is a popular notion that when two Teigu fighters fight one of them is surely going to die. Doya is an assassin who has high skills when it comes to handling guns. She is from the Northern Tribe and is not alive since Kurome kills her. But Kurome orders to revive her as a puppet who works for her. She does not possess a Teigu but being a corpse who does not feel pain or fatigue she is quite a formidable opponent even for Teigu users. Doya’s main weapons are her two handguns which she can use quite proficiently. Her skill with the guns overwhelms Mine who considers herself to be a genius marksman.

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