Ann Skelly From The Nevers: Everything We Know

Ann Skelly is an Irish actress known for her roles in various drama series and movies. The young actress already has a long list of acting credits under her belt and has a penchant for complex female characters. Some of her notable credits include BBC’s ‘Little Women’ and ‘Death and Nightingales,’ both intense period dramas, as well as the popular action drama ‘Vikings‘.

In 2018, Ann was nominated as Best Actress for an Irish Film and Television Award for her leading role in the 2017 drama ‘Kissing Candice.’ Ann Skelly has been garnering a lot of eyeballs for her performance as Penance Adair in HBO’s ‘The Nevers.’ Her fan base is undoubtedly growing, as is curiosity about her work, family life, and romantic entanglements. So if you’re a fan, here’s everything we know about Ann Skelly.

Ann Skelly’s Age and Early Life

Ann Skelly was born in Dublin, Ireland, on December 6, 1996, and soon after moved to County Wexford in the SouthEast region of the country, where she spent her childhood in quaint countryside villages. She figured out at a young age that she wanted to be an actress and soon enough realized that formal education was not for her.

After attending Catholic school for a few years, she started being homeschooled. Both her parents being artists, Ann’s education was understandably unconventional, and she started attending weekend classes at the Irish Film Academy while in her teens. She later honed her acting skills further at Bow Street Academy until her graduation in 2017.

Ann Skelly’s Acting Career

Ann Skelly is known for the intense drama roles that she has featured in ever since she started appearing on screen. While still in her teens, the young actress landed the role of Rachel Reid on the Irish crime drama series ‘Red Rock’ in 2015 and went on to star in the period drama series ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Little Women.’ In 2017, Ann bagged the role of the lead in the Irish drama film ‘Kissing Candice,’ which earned her a Best Actress Nomination, and Rose in ‘Rose Plays Julie.’

You may also recognize the actress from her performance as Beth Winters on the Irish drama mini-series ‘Death and Nightingales.’ In ‘The Nevers,’ her character Penance “Penny” Adair is the moral backbone of “The Touched,” a group of Victorian women with eclectic powers that the series centers on. It is a testament to the complex roles she has played in the past when she describes Penny as the first “light-hearted” character she’s essayed. In future roles, Ann has expressed a wish to play a historic character and says that her main criterion for picking roles is good writing.

Is Ann Skelly Dating Anyone?

Ann Skelly has followed a regimen of strict privacy ever since she came into the limelight, keeping her personal information out of the media. So far, the young actress has not been linked with anyone and continues to remain tight-lipped about her romantic engagements.

Of course, being relatively young and new to stardom-level fame, Ann’s personal life remains untouched by the limelight, but we can be sure that we will be hearing a lot more about the prolific actress and her career in the coming years.

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