Sexiest Anya Chalotra Scenes in ‘The Witcher’, Ranked

Yennefer of Vengerberg is one character who does not appear until the second episode of the season, but when she does, you can’t help but eagerly wait for her storyline to unfold. At first, she is portrayed as a regular girl who struggles to deal with her insecurities. She walks around with a hunchback and despises her own face every time she looks at the mirror. But soon, everything begins to change for her.

The incredibly stunning Anya Chalotra does a brilliant job with playing out her complicated character and as her role demands, she boldly takes on some nude scenes as well. Since her role is very significant in the series, we just had to make list about this as well. So here’s a list of top Anya Chalotra nude scenes from Netflix’s ‘The Witcher.’ The scenes mentioned below have been ranked based on their significance to the overarching plot. 

6. A “Destined” Reunion (Season 1 Episode 6)

Destiny reunites Geralt and Yennefer when they embark on a journey to look for a dragon. Now unlike most other “sex scenes” of this season, there is no stark nudity or real sex in this one. In fact, with this scene, the show only tries to portray how both of them acknowledge their feelings for one another. Even Geralt who, as a witcher, is supposed to have no emotions, surprises Yennefer when he tells how he feels when he’s with her. The scene ends with a melodramatic touch to it wherein Yennefer wakes up in the morning and finds Geralt still sleeping right beside her (unlike the last time). But not everything ends well for the two later on.

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5. The Bathtub Scene (Season 1 Episode 5)

Gamers and “thirsty” fans Henry Cavill have been waiting for ‘The Witcher’s’ bathtub scene for a long time now. And while the trailers made it pretty evident that Geralt’s iconic bathtub scene from the games will again be recreated in the show, who knew that Yennefer’s involvement in it would make it even steamier. The two characters share a tender moment here and though they don’t really have sex (yet), it is indeed one hell of a tease for viewers.

You might disapprove of the entire first season of ‘The Witcher’, but if you’re even mildly familiar with the games, you can’t help but nod with this scene, which has been immortalized by the internet since its very inception. In context to the overarching plot, this scene does not really hold much significance but it does slightly hint the chemistry between the two characters and of course, it also brings in some hype surrounding one of the most iconic and meme-worthy moments of the game.

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4. Yennefer’s Battle with a Djinn (Season 1 Episode 5)

‘The Witcher’ presents nudity in all configurations, especially when it comes to Yennefer’s character. The bathtub scene serves more as a relief from all the impaling and disemboweling of the previous installments of season 1. However, soon after this, the storyline drifts back a serious tone which is heavily complemented with some Anya Chalotra fan service. As discussed in the previous entries, nudity, quite often, can serve a given purpose in a story. However, the frequency of nudity in Episode 5 clearly shows how it can be really unnecessary a lot of time but it still deliberately involved in it. 

3. And So It Begins (Season 1 Episode 5)

In episode 5, Yennefer and Geralt cross paths for the first time when, after being strangled by djinn, Geralt takes Jaskier to her. With the events that follow, Geralt is forced to make a wish that leads to a much bigger central conflict of the overarching storyline. Somewhere near the end of this episode Geralt and Yennefer end up making love under the falling rubble of Yennefer’s Inn. There is no nudity here and the scene is played out more comically than one would expect it to. But at the same time, it also initiates the beginning of Geralt’s complicated relationship with Yennefer. 

2. The Beginning of the End (Season 1 Episode 3)

Episode 2 reflects more on her internal struggles of Yennefer as a character and does not really delve too much into any kind of nudity; however, episode 3 makes up for its lack of it. The third installment of the season initiates Yennefer’s arc of the story with one of the most graphic sex scenes of the scene. Her relationship with Infredd was subtly foreshadowed in the previous episode, but the sex scenes of this episode just make it more evident.

Apart from all the stark nudity in this one, everything seems fairly “normal”. But what makes it borderline unsettling is Yennefer’s weird fetish of being watched by spectators while she makes love to Infredd. What makes it even more cringy is how the spectators start applauding when the two of them climax together. Oh and of course, as always, there is no foreplay here. However, as unromantic as this scene may seem, it perfectly projects Yennefer’s mental state. She clearly has a lust for power and seeks more control over the circumstances of her life. Even when they’re done, she expresses how she still feels insecure about her looks. 

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1. The Transformation (Season 1 Episode 3)

I still get chills when I look back at the scene where Yennefer changes her appearance with the help of a sorcerer, who claims to be an artist. This is scene is so graphic and gory with its representation of Yennefer’s transformation that it almost feels like it’s straight out of Lars von Trier movie. And though this one can, at times, be extremely disturbing to watch, it shows how desperately Yennefer wants to change her external appearance. After this terrifyingly explicit scene comes to an end, Yennefer stands tall without a hunchback and displays indomitable confidence with her ravishing beauty. Eventually, the pain and the suffering that comes with the process pay off, but she pays a big price for this transformation. 

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