Anytongs Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

One of the most frustrating things to do in the kitchen is washing your spoons and utensils repeatedly every time you switch from one dish to the other. In season 14 episode 13 of ‘Shark Tank,‘ entrepreneur Tog Samphel presented the Sharks with an alternative solution that would brilliantly revolutionize the cumbersome process of food distribution in households. Anytongs is an innovative kitchen tool that allows its users to use any utensils, such as spoons or forks, as tongs. Now that we’ve caught your attention with such a useful product on display let’s delve in and trace the company’s growth, shall we?

Anytongs: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The CEO and founder of Anytongs, Tog Samphel, completed his education at Montclair State University in Art and Design. Tog always knew he wanted to pursue a career in Product Design and so he went ahead to start his career in the field of Design. He joined Nintendo of America as the Creative Lead and Visual Designer. He held prestigious positions at different companies, including Sourcebits Incorporations, ADP, Meta, and Loop, where he worked as Product Director, Principal UX Designer, Product Design, and the Head of Product Design, respectively.

After working in a 9 to 5 setting for most of his professional life, Tog knew he had to create something of his own. In order to make use of his design skills for the purpose of inventing a new product, he searched for inspiration. Then, in 2020, a brilliant yet simple innovation was born. Seeing his mother use practical skills by attaching clothes pins with different kitchen utensils to make them work as tongs, the inspiration behind Anytongs was created.

Tog realized how practical and useful the simple kitchen hack was and thought of millions of kitchens that could use a tool that could help in easing out daily tasks. One can easily use this product as an extension of utensils that are used as tongs to pick up salads, spaghetti, and even bread!

Where is Anytongs Now?

Tog Samphel first proposed this idea through a Kickstarter campaign that was able to raise around $33,454 in November 2020. Within a month, Tog was able to get sales and deliver as expected. Business boomed within months of launching the product, and soon the friends had to increase production in order to meet demands. The products are made with recycled and durable polypropylene, and the packaging is designed to meet sustainable and ethical processes by using eco-friendly and reusable Kraft cardboard.

The company also works closely with manufacturers who work towards creating a safer and healthier environment by promising sustainable development goals. It has been growing at a steady rate, and with the help of the Sharks, the manufacturing process has become faster and better, with more products being shipped out. Anytongs has been featured on different media platforms, including The Grommet, Tom’s Finds, Yanko Design, Mashable, Gadget Flow, and Trendhunter.

At present, Anytongs are available in black, with each piece costing $12.99 for a Single Pack and  $24.99 for a 2 Pack Bundle. The 2 Pack Bundle is mostly on sale, being sold at a discounted rate of $19.99. A ‘Shark Tank’ exclusive offer of a flat 15% off is also applicable on all the products, site-wise. Customers can also buy the product from Amazon. Tob’s hard work has made it possible for Anytongs to market its products worldwide, and we wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

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