FryAway Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

There are few things that are harder to dispose of than used oil. As it turns out, this is not just a household problem, as even the cleaning authorities struggle with how to manage the waste oil. Knowing just how much this could harm the environment, Laura Lady came up with FryAway, an organic powder that can be used to convert waste oil into solid form in order to make its disposal easier.

Laura went on to showcase her product in ‘Shark Tank‘ season 14 episode 13, leaving the investors and the viewers heavily impressed. Naturally, the public is eager to know more about the brand and what the company is up to these days.

FryAway: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Having always been a fan of fried food, Laura Lady struggled to properly dispose of the oil she would use to cook delicious dishes. From paper towels to storage containers, she tried her best to efficiently clean up after the mess one can find themselves with after frying. Eager to find a solution, she decided to go on the internet for an effective solution. However, her research only served to horrify her as she came to know about fatbergs.

For most people, it might be easiest to drain away the used oil in the drain. However, plumbing is perhaps the worst place for it to end up at. Combined with other waste products, the oil creates massive fatbergs, which clog the sewage system and are also harmful to the environment. Determined to find a solution to this problem and utilizing her 20 years of experience in the toy industry, Laura ended up developing FryAway.

A plant-based and non-toxic powder, the powder can easily be mixed with unusable oil to turn it into a solid. After this, one can simply toss away the solidified waste into the same bin as other organic waste, where it can easily be managed. In order to provide the best possible portions to their customers, FryAway is sold in three different sizes. FryAway Pan Fry package contains four packets of re-measured powder, each of which is meant to be used for 2 cups of oil.

On the other hand, each of the two packets in the FryAway Deep Fry contains enough powder to solidify 8 cups of oil. Lastly, we have FryAway Super Fry. This particular packet comes with a scooper, which can be used to take the requisite amount of powder, depending on the leftover oil. No matter the amount of oil, the process of using the product remains the same. Mix the powder in hot oil and let the mixture cool down. In the end, you will have a solid oil block that you can toss away without any mess!

FryAway’s Business is Flourishing Today

As of writing, FryAway seems to be thriving as a business and has garnered much support. In hopes of furthering her product, Laura approached the investors on ‘Shark Tank.’ According to the Founder and CEO of the company, FryAway is available in more than 1100 stores across the USA, which mainly includes the various branches of Kroger’s in the Midwestern USA. Those interested in buying the product can also do so through Amazon or the company’s official website.

FryAway Pan Fry can be purchased for $9.99, though one can also buy the special package containing four of this particular product for $36.00. Similarly, FryAway Deep Fry is marked for $12.99, but three of them can be bought together for $35.00. On the other hand, FryAway Super Fry can cost a customer $15.99, with its 3-package deal rated at $43.00. For each multi-package purchase, the customers save 10% of their money and can avail of free shipping anywhere within the USA.

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