Abby Mannich and Ben Whiteside: Is Love in Fairhope Couple Still Dating?

Image Credit: Dan Anderson/Hulu

Among the various love stories that blossomed in Hulu’s ‘Love in Fairhope,’ the journey of how Abby Mannich and Ben Whiteside got together is perhaps one of the most captivating ones. Even though the couple may not have gotten as much screen time as some might have liked, their relationship did garner many admirers, who were certainly happy about the happiness that the two found in each other’s company. However, many cannot help but wonder if the two are still together and we are here to explore what we know about the same.

Abby and Ben’s Love in Fairhope Journey

Abby Mannich, who had moved to New York, came back to her hometown of Fairhope, Alabama, to nurse a broken heart. While in the big city, she had been head over heels for Ben Whiteside, and the emotional toll that their break up took on her led her back to the comforts of her childhood city. After coming back, she ran into Trevor Chunn, with whom she had always had a complicated relationship, with neither of them ever fully committing to each other.

Image Credit: Dan Anderson/Hulu

After Abby and Trevor ended up resuming their “situtaionship” once more, the former was hopeful that this time might be different. However, when Trevor invited Beth to the 50th Magnolia Ball and seemed to be involved with her in more than a platonic sense, Abby had had enough. Frustrated with the uncertainty of her dynamic with Trevor, she ended things with him for certain and decided to only focus on herself and enjoy being single.

However, when Abby’s ex from high school, Justin, introduced her to singer Ashton, she fell hard and fast. In fact, there even was a discussion where Abby shared that she did have an office location in Nashville, Tennesse, where Ashton was primarily based. Before this could go anywhere, Abby was contacted by Ben once more. Conflicted by what to do, she confessed to her friends that the reason she and Ben had not worked out was because of her own negative feelings towards marriage.

Image Credit: Dan Anderson/Hulu

Ultimately, Abby decided to start talking to Ben. The two were able to build back their relationship to the point that they had gotten engaged shortly after. In fact, the bride-to-be got the opportunity to shop for her wedding dress about a month before the 51st Magnolia Ball. Abby and Ben even attended the function together and were congratulated by many. Trevor did try to strike up a conversation with Abby, but it was evident that she had closed that door for now.

Abby and Ben Still Are Likely Together

As of writing, Abby Mannich and Ben Whiteside have not shared any updates, though it is likely that the two are still together. Given the trials and tribulations that they went through while in the reality show, we are certain that they got back together stronger than ever. Additionally, they continue to follow each other on Instagram. While they don’t appear on each other’s Instagram feeds, we are hopeful that the wedding plans are still on and that they might get married very soon.

If Abby and Ben are still together, something we are optimistic about, and are yet to tie the knot, then we are positive that their upcoming wedding will be a day to remember. Abby, who grew a lot over the course of the one-year on-screen journey in season 1 of the Hulu show, her relationship and engagement with Ben seemed to be of the utmost priority. We wish them both the best and hope that they find much happiness in life.

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