Are Amara and Allan From Love and Hip Hop Still Together?

The long-running reality television franchise ‘Love & Hip Hop’ on VH1 follows the dramatic and highly interesting daily lives of Hip-hop and R&B musicians, rappers, and their partners. ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami,’ which premiered on January 1, 2018, is the fourth installment of the original docu-series. Amara la Negra and Allan Mueses were a pair whose on-again-off-again dramatic relationship became part of the center stage in the show.

Rapper, singer, actress, author, and television host Diana Danelys De Los Santos, AKA Amara La Negra, reached fame after her appearance on Vh1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami.’ She was dubbed by Billboard as the “breakout star” on the show, which landed her a multi-album record deal with BMG music company. Her connection with a real estate expert and entrepreneur, Allan Mueses, throughout the show has been so intriguing that his fans must be eager to know if they are still together. If you’re also curious about their relationship status, here’s what we found out!

Amara and Allan’s Love and Hip Hop Journey

Amara La Negra and Allan Mueses met in 2021 when Amara decided to take a shot at the real estate industry. She reportedly met Allan at his company Soluciones Allan where the pair started working together, which eventually led to feelings of love. Season 4 of the show documented the pair’s romantic relationship, eventually leading to multiple breakups and an array of sadness coupled with a rainbow at the end. The relationship between the duo moved very fast. The singer reported in a now-deleted post that the partners had suffered a miscarriage in July 2021 due to the 32-year-old’s history of fertility issues.

Allan Mueses is a real estate agent and CEO of the companies Soluciones Allan and Dream Big Construction. He is a true family man who frequently posts his daughters Layla and Alanna from his previous relationship. However, when it comes to handling relationships, Allan seems to miss the real concept of family. After her breakup with co-star Emjay Johnson, Amara felt that she found the love of her life in Allan Mueses, for whom she was ready to let go of all her dreams in the music and television industry and settle down with him in the Dominican Republic.

However, Amara’s mother stepped up to shake her out of her love spell. Amara’s mother, Ana, pointed out how she would give up on all her dreams and that she made sacrifices to settle down with a man. After the conversation with her mother, Amara reconsidered her decision and confronted Allan. The real estate’s reaction totally stunned Amara and her fans when he showed his controlling nature and bad attitude. So much so that he refused to drop Amara at the airport and told her to get an Uber instead. He constantly mocked her by calling her a child who needed her mother’s approval for her decisions.

It should be noted that Amara was raised by her single mother, who supported her and helped her to reach where she is. Fast forward to the present day, Amara revealed in her Instagram post that she gave birth to two beautiful twins, Sumajested Royalty and Sualteza Empress De Los Santos, in April 2022. She also revealed that the rainbow children’s baby daddy is none other than Allan Mueses. Does that mean the pair reconciled and are still together? Let’s find out.

Are Amara and Allan Still Together?

Unfortunately, despite having the twins and being actively present in their lives of the twins, the pair are reportedly not together. While she was pregnant with the twins, Amara announced in November 2021 that she was single and would raise the twins as a single mother, much like her strong mother did. In an interview with People en Espanol, she opened up about her situation and said, “I will be a single mother. I know my babies will depend on me.”

She added, “Father is not the one who makes the child but the one who raises it. In time, if God grants me the blessing of finding the right man, one who supports me, who accepts me with my children, then Amen, he will be well received. But I feel blessed, and I am so happy that I sometimes forget that [I’ll be a single mom]. I am more focused on my babies.” Amara and Allan have an on-again, off-again relationship, and his active presence in the twin’s lives might indicate a future reconciliation. All we can do is hope for the best for Amara, Allan, and the beautiful little twins.

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