Are Amari Jones and Morgan Miller From Titletown High Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Titletown High’ is an eight-episode reality series that profiles the tumultuous 2020 season of the Valdosta High School Football program in a small town where the sport is no less than religion. From covid-19 issues to controversies surrounding their head coach to scrutiny, every aspect is examined. However, a special focus is also placed on the personal lives of the athletes to give us a look into how they juggle their games, education, and relationships. And, as we saw, Amari Jones got in a predicament with his girlfriend. So, let’s find out if he and Morgan are together, shall we?

Amari and Morgan: Valdosta Journey

As a transfer from Atlanta, Georgia, Amari Jones first came across Morgan Miller on the field. As she’s a Valdosta cheerleader with a lasting history in gymnastics as well, she immediately caught his eye, which, fortunately for him, was reciprocated. Soon, the duo began talking and got into a serious relationship, but Amari hid it from his mother and the coach since he knew that they might question his focus on his responsibilities as a student and leading quarterback. They did find out, though, and Morgan was regarded a “distraction,” especially as many saw his play suffer due to arguments.

From fights about him messaging another girl to complaints about him not giving her enough attention to many more reasons, Amari and Morgan had a lot of back and forth. However, according to him, she also served as his support system and understood that football was his priority. Despite that, he broke up with her following pressure from his mother and coaches. “You cannot be my quarterback, and continue down this path,” Rush Propst had said to him. Morgan still defended him for a while and went to games, but she was naturally heartbroken, especially as he played exceptionally well in the game following their split.

Are Amari and Morgan Still Together?

Even after parting ways, Amari Jones and Morgan Miller made it no secret that they both continued to love and care for one another. Yet, they didn’t dare talk no matter how much they wanted and needed to because of the possible consequences. In fact, they even refused to sit at the same table with their friends like they once used to. With that said, almost as soon as the playing season concluded, Amari got in touch with Morgan and asked if she missed him. They mutually confessed to their feelings, but when he inquired about getting back together, she responded that she wished for them to start as friends again first.

Unfortunately, it seems like Amari and Morgan are still friends and nothing more. They do follow each other on social media platforms and appear to have a little bit of interaction, yet since he had to relocate out of the state to play football in his senior year of high school, it does not look like they kept up a romance long distance. Amari was deemed ineligible in Georgia for an entire calendar year due to allegations of the head coach illegally recruiting him. Although, from what we can tell, both Amari and Morgan are more than content with where they are today.

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