Are Amira and Andrew From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

Since January 2014, ‘90 Day Fiancé’ has been running successfully due to its intriguing concept and real-life problems. The lovers kept apart by borders are united after U.S. immigration services approve their K-1 visa. But the catch is the limited period of 90 days within which they are required to make the life-altering decision. The franchise, including its many spin-off series, has paved the way for couples all over the world stuck in this difficult situation.

While most of the pairs cast on the show accomplish feeling the bliss of giving their love story the perfect happy ending, many others bid each other farewell way before sharing their wedding vows, and some shortly after. Season 8, which premiered on December 6, 2020, showcases the unique problems surrounding the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus. One of the couples directly bearing the brunt of the pandemic is Amira and Andrew!

Amira and Andrew: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Andrew hails from Roseville, California, and from the time he turned 32, his search for his future wife began. Luckily, he came across a beautiful French woman, Amira, on a dating app, and she had already sent him a “brief message.” Andrew’s sole purpose of creating the profile was to settle down and start a family at the earliest possible. When he finally reached out to Amira, the two felt an instant connection and kick-started their virtual relationship. It did not take the couple long to realize that they were already ready for the next step.

They planned their first romantic getaway to Las Vegas instead of just meeting for a day or two. Andrew had even bigger plans as he popped the question to the love of his life, and she happily accepted his proposal. Amira could not wait to be with his lover and filed for the K-1 Visa right away, which got approved within a short span of time. However, life threw a major curveball at them as they, now, face trying times due to the rampant spread of COVID-19.

Are Amira and Andrew Still Together?

Anticipating from how their relationship panned out during ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ it would not come as a shock if Amira and Andrew fail to resolve the many tensions between them. The viewers witnessed the distress the couple undergoes due to the distance between them. In addition to facing the problems of a cross-border relationship, they find themselves in a rather unprecedented situation. A major part of season 8’s filming took place during the global pandemic, and Amira took the risk to travel all the way to America for the sake of love.

The 28-year-old is not reckless but, in fact, terrified of the health hazards that she is being exposed to while moving countries. But on the other hand, it also seems like her decision has been made under the pressure of an ultimatum given by her fiancé. Andrew incessantly kept reminding her that more than half of the time allowed by the government has already been exhausted. With only 30 days left on their hands, Amira travels to go “there” (America) much against her better judgment.

Unfortunately, the French native lands in a detention center supposedly due to visa complications or travel restrictions in the light of tighter immigration policies. There is a solid chance that this “big mistake” will take a toll on their otherwise smooth-running relationship. From the looks of it, Amira also feels suffocated for having to leave her “whole life” behind, and she might not be enthusiastic about expanding her family as soon as her future husband hopes to.

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