Anna and Lucy DeCinque: Is the Extreme Sisters Duo Still Together with Ben Byrne?

TLC’s ‘Extreme Sisters’ explores the most obsessive and inextricable of sisterly bonds through the lives of five sisters who have hinged on each other their whole lives. It is lovely and sometimes interesting to see how the deep sisterly bond affects other people around them. Popularly known as the “world’s most identical twins,” Anna and Lucy DeCinque are the OG ‘Extreme Sisters’ who have never been separated since birth and plan to continue being the same.

In fact, the DeCinque siblings even showered together and got the same botched cosmetic job! It is not surprising that their identical nature extends to the bedroom. Their togetherness is so extreme that the twins also share a boyfriend, Ben Byrne. They fell in love with him and now plan to have children one day with him. So, if you are intrigued about whether Anna, Lucy, and Ben are still together, we have you covered!

Anna, Lucy, and Ben’s Extreme Sisters Journey

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, “the world’s most identical twins,” always felt that having separate partners caused problems in the sister bond and that their previous boyfriends tried to separate them. They have always led a lifestyle absolutely identical to each other, including sharing a bed, bras, clothing, hairstyles, and everything in between. Frustrated with the separate dating situation, the twins felt the need to have a single partner, which they would share. In 2012, the twins hit up Ben Byrne on Facebook after a mutual friend advised the same.

In an interview with the Sun, Lucy said, “We were upfront that we came as a package, and he insisted that was fine with him. Being a non-identical twin himself, he said that he understood our bond.” Since then, the DeCinque twins have shared Ben, and he has done an excellent job of loving the two equally. Indeed, he knows better than to kiss one without doing the same with the other.

Ben understands the requirements of the twins, being a fraternal twin himself. Anna and Lucy have an unconventional relationship with one another and their boyfriend. They reportedly sleep on the same bed, with each twin on either side and the handsome electrical mechanic in the middle. In season 2 of the show, the twins tried very hard to get pregnant simultaneously, as they reached a 10-year milestone with their partner Ben.

Although people think that Ben hit the jackpot, the whole journey of the throuple has been quite tricky, especially when babies and marriage are in question. As polygamy is not legal in the country, it has caused problems in managing relationships since the twins are seeking professional help to conceive. Now to answer the most critical question, are Anna and Lucy still together with Ben even after knowing that it might be impossible for the throuple to get married in the country? Let’s find out, shall we?

Anna and Lucy Are Still Going Strong With Ben

“Love is Love,” and no matter how bizarre it is for some people, one cannot deny the existence of love and affection in a relationship, even if it involves three people. After over a decade of being together, Anna and Lucy are still going very strong with Ben, and indeed he is their best friend, soulmate, and the perfect man they could ask for. We understand the situation with their pregnancy and marriage might be complicated; however, they have discussed the same in length, and breaking up is not even there.

It has been quite difficult for the throuple, but we are delighted to see them cross all hurdles together without caring what the world has to say. Anna, Lucy, and Ben’s dynamic is genuinely inspiring, especially how there is simply no jealousy among the sisters, and their relationship is based on pure love. As of writing, they are going strong, and we hope to hear good news shortly. While Ben has continued his job as an electrical mechanic, the twins are focusing on their social media platforms to create more wholesome content.

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