Annie and Innocent: Is the Young Famous & African Duo Still Together?

Image Credit: Mosa Hlophe/Netflix

With the recent release of the second season of Netflix’s ‘Young, Famous & African,’ people across the globe have been curious about the relationship between Annie Macaulay–Idibia and Innocent “2Baba” Idibia. Created by Peace Hyde and Martin Asare Amankwa, the reality show features the two African stars prominently and provides an inside view into the life of the two celebrities whose relationship has long been a subject of speculation among many. Hence, it is understandable for people to be eager to know whether the couple is still together. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

Annie Macaulay–Idibia and Innocent “2Baba” Idibia’s Journey Together

The relationship between Annie and 2Baba started when they were 15 and 24, respectively. The two first met at Even Ezra Music Studio, and Annie stated that the sparks between them began to fly as soon as they came across each other. As they continued their relationship, Annie and 2Baba became each other’s rock and support through thick and thin, even when he was financially struggling while trying to make a career in music.

However, things between Annie and 2Baba have been far from smooth. Even when he was in a relationship with her, it is well-established that he cheated on her with at least two women. As of writing, 2Baba has two children with Sumbo Ajala and three kids with Pero Adeniyi. The subject of his infidelity has long been a massive point of conversation when one considers his relationship with Annie.

Given everything that has happened, Annie’s relationship with 2Baba’s other partners has also been fraught with tension over the years, with the Netflix star expressing her frustration with Pero through social media in September 2021. That said, she remained in a relationship with 2Baba. In fact, the couple welcomed their eldest child, a beautiful daughter named Isabel Idibia, in December 2008.

After over a decade since the two had started dating, 2Baba proposed to Annie on February 14, 2012, making that particular Valentine’s Day truly special. The two got married on May 2 of the same year in a private ceremony held in Lagos, Nigeria. The couple’s second daughter, Olivia Idibia, was born on January 3, 2014, much to the joy of her parents. Yet, the troubles for Annie and 2Baba were far from over, and things once again became tense in 2015 after pictures featuring the latter kissing Pero Adeniyi were leaked. Indeed, the rumors of his infidelity have continued to hound the two over the years.

Annie Macaulay–Idibia and Innocent “2Baba” Idibia Are Still Married

In the second season of the Netflix series, Annie and 2Baba were caught in another “scandal” with reports claiming that he had slept with a banker who was pregnant with his child. The claims themselves were vehemently denied by both Annie and 2Baba, with the former stating that this particular piece of news was apparently not even new and would often resurface every few years, much to her frustration and amusement.

Despite their relationship’s various ups and downs, Annie and 2Baba are still together and enjoy spending time with each other. The couple is never shy about expressing their love via social media and takes delight in spending time with their children. While Annie and 2Baba’s time together has been far from conventionally happy, they seem delighted in each other’s company and have been quite vocal about the same. Besides, they renewed their vows recently, as seen in the season 1 finale of ‘Young, Famous & African.’ We wish them and their loved ones the best in their lives and hope they have a fantastic future.

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