Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti: Is the Couples Retreat Duo Still in Love?

Image Credits: Apollo Nida/Instagram

In addition to the inherent character of the city, Las Vegas is predominantly known for the glitz, glamour, and neon lights that invade every other street of the site. However, ‘MTV Couples Retreat’ undertakes a sharp turn from the glitter and bling of Las Vegas by taking contestants through a number of adventures that include but aren’t limited to herding cattle. Since its premiere in 2020, the show has gained a considerable following. Like its predecessors, season 3 of the MTV reality television show also follows equal amounts of drama and adventure shot in the often-ignored territories of Las Vegas.

Guided by hosts AJ Johnson and Tony Gaskins, season 3 followed couples navigating through the wilderness of the outbacks with a ninja and trapezing with professionals and other such things. Despite the adventure and fun brought about by the premise, it is the couples that leave viewers hooked to the screens. Among the six couples featured in the third season, the bond of Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti caught the attention of fans, who may be wondering whether or not Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti are still together or not. Let’s find out!

Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti’s Couples Retreat Journey

Born in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia, a brand endorser and personal trainer, Apollo Nida came to the limelight when his ex-wife Phaedra Parks joined ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ However, despite their marriage and blooming career, both Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks were facing troubles in their relationship. As such, the dad to two sons, Ayden and Dylan, Apollo Nida had to navigate a number of travails before finding forevermore with Sherien Almufti.

Born in 1983, Almufti was 40 at the time and worked as a real estate investor and developer. Like Apollo Nida, Sherien Almufti was also married and even has a daughter. While Nida and Almufti like to keep the knowledge of how they met under wraps, it is true that they first met when Apollo Nida was still married. The two had first met in Philadelphia and became close after Nida was found guilty of bank fraud and identity theft.

In the first 30 days of his 8-year sentence in September 2014 at Kentucky’s FMC Lexington federal prison, both Almufti and Nida became close confidantes and confided their troubles in each other. When Nida was relocated to New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix correctional facility in November 2015, even Sherien Almufti moved from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to be closer to Nida. Despite the divorce proceedings that were going on at the time, Apollo Nida popped the question to Sherien Almufti in the correctional facility in 2016.

While the proposal was far from a grand spectacle, it still reverberated the essence of the love and adoration the two shared for each other. However, even though Apollo Nida finally completed the divorce proceedings with Phaedra Park in 2017 and was released from prison in 2019, both Sherien Almufti and Apollo Nida didn’t tie the knot, leading fans to wonder whether it all worked out or not. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers.

Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti Are Still Happily Together

Yes, Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti are still together! The couple finally tied the knot in a secret ceremony on October 14, 2022, far from the eyes of the media and the internet. So, despite the long and tumultuous road that Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti had to brave, they managed to overcome the hurdles that stood between them. From having to carefully navigate their past to carving a path for their future, both Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti have made fans swoon with their triumphant story.

In addition to their appearance on the hit reality tv show, ‘MTV Couples Retreat,’ the two also keep busy in their individual flourishing professions. As a real estate developer and investor, Sherien Almufti manages to create several personal victories as well. On the other hand, Apollo Nida has also recalibrated his role as a fitness mogul and brand ambassador.

So, even though the two shared a long engagement, it did not hint at any issues between the couple. Instead, their ideals rest in mutual growth facilitated forth by trust and companionship. The two regularly showcase their love and adoration for each other on Instagram, making fans swoon furthermore. It is, as such, natural that fans continue to look forward to the number of adventures the two will embark upon.

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