Are Bao and Zack From MAFS Still Together?

An evocation of love and the search for a partner brings ten strangers together in ‘Married at First Sight.’ Leaving their fate in the hands of expert matchmakers, contestants on the show decide to get married to a stranger seconds after meeting them. Chronicling the journey of couples through drama, heartbreak, and reconciliation, the reality television show has been matching compatible individuals since its premiere in 2014.

Zack Freeman and Bao Huong Hoang managed to accrue special attention on season 13 of ‘Married at First Sight’ for their unlikely pairing. With high tensions between the duo throughout the season, many wonder whether they are still together or not. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers!

Bao and Zack’s Married at First Sight Journey

Despite their similarities, Zack and Bao weren’t married to each other minutes after seeing each other. Instead, Zack was fixed with Michaela Clark, a 30-year-old realtor, and Bao was married to Johnny Lam, a 35-year-old IT project manager who had previously met her in college. Alas, the relationship between the two couples spiraled much quicker than anticipated. In the beginning, Zack ended up contracting the COVID-19 virus, which led him to quarantine. When he came back, he found it hard to connect with Michaela, and the two found more uncommon things to fight about.

On the other hand, Johnny and Bao found that they were highly dissimilar. Their animosity with each other got to the point where they would find it easier to deliberately ignore each other. While disdain in their relationships festered, Zack and Bao found compatibility and ease in each other’s company. Even before decision day, Zack and Bao became sure that they wanted to pursue each other more actively.

On the final day, their respective partners, Michaela and Johnny, wanted to keep the marriage together. However, Bao and Zack ultimately decided to bow out. Moreover, before season 13 could fully conclude, Zack and Bao became public against their wishes. While speculations about their relationship arose when they were spotted together, things became more serious when Zack’s original partner on the show, Michaela, took to Instagram to out the duo in a since-deleted post.

Reluctantly, both Zack and Bao had to own up to their budding romance. However, criticism against the two soon followed since Zack and Bao were technically still in a committed relationship with someone else. So, even though the two found love with each other, the foundation of their relationship stood on rocky premises, giving room to speculation.

Are Bao and Zack Still Together?

No, Zack and Bao are no longer together. Not too long after the cameras stopped rolling on them, Zack and Bao’s incipient relationship came crusading down when cheating allegations came to the fore. Much before their fledgling relationship could go any further, a woman named Elena Guevara took to Reddit and posted the conversation she had with Bao regarding Zack’s infidelity.

The Reddit user also claimed that she did not know that Zack was in a committed relationship with someone else. Not just this, Elena Guevara also allegedly sent the relevant screenshots and scripts to Bao after finding out about her. So, even though Bao and Zack never publicly addressed the allegations, things still became prickly. Naturally, it did not take time for things to come crumbling down, and the two began to stop appearing on each other’s side. So, within months of seeing each other, Zack and Bao’s relationship was tainted by infidelity leading to an imminent breakup.

Now, the ‘Married at First Sight’ alums continue to excel in their personal fields. Bao continues to work as the Administrative Director at the Protocol Research MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. In addition to giving time to work, Bao also takes out time for her family and friends. She is also raising her dog Tofu and regularly takes to Instagram to post about him. Zack is also continuing his artistic pursuits in addition to working as a software engineer. With a major following on Instagram, he does modeling as well. He also takes care of his two dogs. So, although Zack and Bao failed to make a long-lasting connection, we still hope that they manage to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

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