Are Brandon and Julia From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

‘90 Day Fiancé’ is a reality television series attempting to prove to the world that true love has the potential to cross all borders and jump all oceans. But it does not veil the real-life problems that such a relationship may bring along. TLC’s hit show follows the lives of the couples who have either applied for or already received their K-1 visa, specifically available to US citizens.

They are then faced with the life-altering choice of saying yes to marrying their loved ones within 90 days or bid them farewell for the rest of their lives. Season 8, which premiered on December 6, 2020, introduced another pair with a unique love story and its many problems – Brandon and Julia. In case you’re wondering about the current status of their relationship, we have got your back!

Brandon and Julia: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Worried sick for Brandon’s love life, his parents signed him up on a dating app for farmers to find the right girl for him. Interestingly, they chose a rather charming picture of their son carrying a baby goat, but life had other plans for the Virginia farm boy. He first saw Julia on a video call while she was go-go dancing in a club. Brandon instantly fell for “the most beautiful girl” he had ever laid his eyes on. With a little nudge from their mutual friend, who had introduced them virtually, the two began their long-distance relationship.

Image Credit: Brandon/Instagram

Within a short while, Julia and Brandon began to notice their poles-apart lifestyles – him working on his family farm for a living versus her city-life upbringing. Nonetheless, Brandon and Julia did not let the differences mar their special bond. After communicating for merely five months and one meeting in person, the adorable couple knew it in their bones that what they had was real. The 27-year-old was so smitten by Julia’s delightful personality that he proposed to her during their second meeting in Iceland.

The Russia-based girl wasted no time and applied for the K-1 visa, which luckily got approved by the US immigration services shortly after. Now that she was finally preparing to land in America, the pair realized that, in fact, approximately $10,000 (in seven months) had been drained from Brandon’s account to work the long-distance relationship. What fresh crisis did this expose them to, and were they able to survive it at the end of the day?

Are Brandon and Julia Still Together?

We can all heave a sigh of relief as Brandon and Julia are happily together though still fighting against the odds. The ‘90 Day Fiancé’ newbies are seen putting in their best effort to make their relationship work. The challenging financial situation necessitated them to continue living under Brandon’s parents’ roof, which naturally left them both uncomfortable. The two are saving up to the best of their abilities.

Meanwhile, Brandon’s parents expect his fiancé to help them out on their family farm. In the show, the viewers can see Brandon struggling to fit his Russian girlfriend in his country household in Virginia. It looks like Julia tried her best not to let her vibrant city life obstruct her from attaining the one true love of her life. Despite feeling uneasy dealing with her future husband’s somewhat conservative family, she has maintained her bubbly demeanor.

The duo is also seen combatting other, bigger problems like Brandon’s family standing in his way to achieving marital bliss and the pregnancy test showing a positive result. Their journey is full of roadblocks, but Brandon and Julia are ready to face it all for the sake of love!

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