Are Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

Are 90 days enough to settle down with a partner from overseas? How difficult is it to balance habits and lifestyles with your significant other if your personality differs vastly from that of your partner? Do cross-border marriages work? TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé’ tries to answer the aforementioned questions as it focuses on US citizens who are engaged to foreign nationals. The K-1 visa allows foreigners to stay on US soil for 90 days, within which they have to marry their partners or get sent back to their country.

It is interesting how each couple tries their best to iron out all creases and settle their differences in such a short period. Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina appeared on season 8 of the show. With excellent chemistry and a desire to make their relationship work, the couple remained fan favorites throughout the season. If you are wondering whether Brandon and Julia are still together, we have got you covered!

Brandon and Julia’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina met in one of the most unexpected ways when Brandon noticed her in the background while on a video call with a friend who was in Russia. The two soon took to each other and got quite close even while in a long-distance relationship. The duo finally met after a few months of dating and eventually, they got engaged while on a trip to Iceland and planned on Julia visiting the US. Once in the US, it proved impossible for the pair to rent an apartment due to financial constraints. Thus, the couple settled down with Brandon’s parents.

Life with Brandon’s parents was tough for Julia as they are orthodox and refused to allow the couple even a bit of privacy. Brandon and Julia were not even allowed to share the same bedroom. Furthermore, Julia was asked to do chores around the farm, which she found hard to adjust to. Naturally, such clashes in lifestyles lead to small fights between the couple. Still, the pair managed to compromise and build up a life together.

Julia’s situation with Brandon’s parents also improved, and the two were finally able to get some much-deserved privacy. Additionally, Julia’s biggest fear was Brandon not supporting her over his parents. Yet, her fiancé proved her wrong by supporting her when she thought she was pregnant, which turned out to be a false alarm.

Are Brandon and Julia Still Together?

Yes, Brandon and Julia are happily married and very much together. Initially, there were speculations about the couple breaking up because of their massive lifestyle difference. However, the two proved them all wrong by tying the knot in March 2021. Before they made their marriage public, Brandon and Julia kept their relationship status under tight wraps and only gave slight hints to their followers. Moreover, their marriage was anticipated as Julia stayed for more than 90 days and even celebrated New Year 2021 together with Brandon.

The couple later got into a controversy when they let it out in a tell-all episode that they initially stayed with Brandon’s parents because Julia wanted to. They even revealed that they were free to leave whenever they wanted and that Julia did the farm chores because she wanted to be close to Brandon. Ultimately, none of these mattered as the couple settled down happily after marriage. However, like all married reality TV couples, Brandon and Julia were also subjected to unconfirmed speculations about their married life.

When Julia went to Russia and started positing single pictures, baseless rumors about the couple’s apparent divorce were quick to surface. However, Julia was quick to clear the air by informing fans that she was meeting her parents in Russia, and she and Brandon had not broken up. The majority of the problems in the couple’s life came from Brandon’s relationship with his parents. Brandon’s mother, Betty, has often been criticized for allegedly not letting him be independent and forcing her decisions on him.

The relationship came to a head in June when she arranged the couple’s marriage celebration along with Brandon’s father’s birthday despite being regularly told not to. The surprise party proved to be the last straw as Brandon stood up to his parents and informed them that he was moving out. Betty appeared to be sad over the decision, and her behavior came under massive criticism yet again. Even after the move became public news, the couple’s recent Instagram updates seemed to suggest that they were still on the farm and had not moved out.

The pair decided to address the rumors and revealed that they had signed a lease for a new apartment in Richmond. Julia even took to her Instagram and mentioned how they had to leave their German Shepherd dog Simba back on the farm and are planning to shift into a new house along with him. At present, the couple is enjoying life together. They often take to social media to share the beautiful memories they make. We wish them the very best and hope happiness never eludes the adorable pair in the long run.

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