Are Caesar and Maria From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé’ is a reality series franchise with a unique and beloved premise that follows different couples trying to navigate the last few days before marriage. Interestingly, the pairs featured on the show are just a bit different- while one is a US citizen, the other hails from another country. The visas for such individuals allow them to stay for a maximum of 90 days in the US before their wedding, and for many such couples, this turns out to be the first time they see each other.

Thanks to its popularity, ’90 Day Fiancé’ led to many spinoffs, including ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,’ featuring couples who met online and are now ready to meet each other. Interestingly, not all of them have plans to get married just yet. One of the most well-known couples from the series is Caesar Mack and Maria Divine, whose love story had all types of drama and heartbreak. With the former featuring in yet another show within the TLC franchise, many are curious about the status of his relationship with Maria. Luckily, we are with the answers.

Caesar and Maria’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina, nail technician Caesar Mack met Maria Divine on an online Ukrainian dating portal. The two appeared in the third iteration of ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,’ which explored details of their five-year relationship and status at the time. As it turned out, the website linking the two international lovers also provided Caesar an option to send presents to Maria.

Using the system, the North Carolina native had allegedly spent around $40,000 on Maria. Combined with the reported monthly stipend of $800 sent by him, the whole relationship alarmed several of those close to the nail technician. The Ukrainian resident took the stipend because she did not want to work in her country as it was apparently too corrupt. Albeit, Caesar has since revealed that Maria had threatened to end their relationship should the Jacksonville resident stop sending her money.

Such an ultimatum compelled many around Caesar to ask him to stop seeing Maria, whom he considered his soulmate. Both his well-wishers and the viewers were convinced that she was scamming him as she had never even met him. During the show, Caesar was shown spending an enormous amount of money on his girlfriend. He even apparently convinced Maria to meet with him in Mexico. However, she never showed up, as her ticket had been canceled due to a lack of funds in Caesar’s account.

Needless to say that the general public never did see the two together and was quite convinced that Maria’s intentions were far from romantic. How have the two fared since they were seen on the TLC reality show in 2019? Are they still together, and did they ever get their face-to-face meeting? Let’s find out the answers together, shall we?

Are Caesar Mack and Maria Divine Still Together?

No, Caesar and Maria are not together presently. After their plans to meet went up in flames, Maria broke up with Caesar. Nevertheless, the North Carolina native was far from deterred and decided to get some answers face-to-face. Hence, he saved some money and decided to see his former girlfriend in Ukraine. When Caesar appeared on Maria’s doorstep, she was less than thrilled but soon came around and started talking to him again. Unfortunately, that did not last, and the couple parted ways for the final time.

Maria was seen together with Jesse Meester for a time, though the latter now seems to be with Jeniffer Tarazona. Caesar was also dating a woman named Aya from New Orleans, Louisiana, for a brief time. Sadly, that relationship did not pan out, with him stating that she kept asking for money, which is why the two broke up.

Given his status as a single man, Caesar decided to enter the third season of ’90 Day: The Single Life.’ The show is dedicated to former stars of the show who are looking forward to finding love once more. We wish him and Maria the best in their lives and hope they find success in their professional and personal ventures.

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