Are Callum and Molly From Love Island UK Still Together?

ITV2’s’Love Island‘ has been one of the most famous and prominent series in British media. The dating reality show follows a bunch of contestants AKA Islanders, who live in a swanky villa, isolated from the outside world while being constantly observed by cameras. Based solely on initial impressions, these Islanders must decide on a partner for love, money, or friendship. Depending on their compatibility with their existing partner and other Islanders, the competitors may recouple as the show progresses. After the coupling stages, those who are still single are eliminated, and the final pair surviving after several voting sessions wins £50,000.

One of the most adored couples in the sixth season of the show, which was filmed in the picturesque city of Cape Town, South Africa, was Callum Jones and Molly Smith. The winter 2020 season was full of ups and downs for the pair, but it was also packed with love. They developed an instant connection from their first meeting and chose to stay together throughout their time on the show. Now that their season is over and they are both out of the spotlight, many people are interested in knowing how they are doing. Has their relationship endured since leaving the remote island? Well, here’s all you need to know!

Callum and Molly’s Love Island UK Journey

Callum and Molly had a very interesting stint on the show as they both started their ‘Love Island’ journey on different days. It was Callum who entered the show as an original contestant, among others, on the first episode of the show. He then instantly developed a solid connection with Shaughna Phillips right after joining the group of Islanders. Their coupling grew quite strong over time, and it continued to flourish, making everyone believe in their longevity.

Callum and Shaughna

However, on Day 23, Molly made her bombshell entrance into the infamous Casa Amor and the show. Once Callum was swiftly sent to Casa Amor and given a chance to talk and connect with Molly, he began to feel a deeper bond. When he decided to re-enter the villa with Molly, his decision left everyone shocked on top of devastating Shaughna as she was left to continue by herself. “I went to Casa Amor, I had the chance to speak to Molly and it brought out a side to me I didn’t think I had. The way I felt about her after two, three days just clarified it to be honest,” said Callum.

Callum and Molly

Shaughna responded to Callum’s decision with her now-iconic remark, “Congrats hun.” Meanwhile, Molly and Callum did feel nervous about their entry. But the good-looking couple persisted in the show, displaying their strength and love, and reached up to days before the finale. Nonetheless, the other Islanders eliminated the pair on Day 38, 6 days before the finale. After their return to the outside world, several concerns were voiced over Molly and Callum’s relationship as they didn’t have a perfect beginning. Did they manage to stay together in the real world, or did they split apart? Here’s what we found out.

Are Callum and Molly Still Together?

Yes, Callum and Molly are still together. After the show’s conclusion, while many people doubted if they could sustain their relationship, the pair proved them wrong. When Callum and Molly got out of the show, they were soon hit by the government-issued Coronavirus lockdown. Although they both lived in Manchester, to make their relationship stronger, Callum, now 26, moved in to Molly’s family home in Manchester. The two seemed to enjoy some quality time during that period, baking cakes and spending all the time together.

Once the restrictions were lifted, the couple moved into a separate home in Manchester in late 2020. In their new pad, the duo lives together with their two dogs. Molly, now 28, is a model and influencer and Callum is a scaffolder turned full-time influencer. He is a passionate cook and loves to share his cooking skills on social media platforms. Both of them often share loved-up pictures of themselves and have gone on several adventurous trips to places like Italy, Mexico, and Greece.

Talking about his experience on the show and their relationship, Callum told Daily Mail, “I didn’t think I was going to get a girlfriend and we were gonna live together. I was really open-minded and the thing I really wanted was to find someone. Obviously, it’s not 100% when you go in there that you are going to get that but we got lucky and we are still there.” Callum added, “There is other things we want to focus on at the minute but obviously in the future it’s definitely something we both want together. We’ve just not really decided when.”

When specifically asked about any potential wedding bells, Callum told The Sun, “Never say never, that’s all I’m saying! It’s not on the cards yet but who knows.” Whenever that happens, we know it’s going to be a beach wedding. He also added that he would like to start a family with the 28-year-old influencer someday. Callum and Molly celebrated their two-year anniversary in April 2022, showing their fans that they are in love and moving forward, stronger than ever.

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