Are Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli Still Together?

The Australian iteration of the Danish reality television showMarried at First Sight‘ or ‘MAFS’ features several strangers who are matched by experts and married off at the altar the first time they meet. After the ceremony, the show provides a glimpse into the lives of these couples as they head to their honeymoon and later try to live like a regular couple for a few days. At the end of the social experiment, their connection to each other is tested in the commitment ceremony, where they decide if they want to stay married or split up.

Unlike the American version of the show, the weddings in ‘MAFS’ are not officially binding due to the laws of the land. Like the previous seasons, the ninth installment of this unique social experiment was a huge success, with the couple Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli contributing quite heavily to the drama of the season. From the very start of their journey in the show, Carolina and Dion attracted the audience’s attention with their chaotic dynamic, and entertaining personalities. Naturally, fans must be curious to know the status of this relationship. In that case, we have all that you need to know!

Carolina and Dion’s Married At First Sight Journey

Carolina Santos is an Online Business Owner from Sydney, New South Wales. When she joined the show during the ninth season of the reality show, the 33-year-old was matched to Dion Giannarelli, a 33-year-old Property Developer from Melbourne, Victoria. Brought together by the magic of the show experts — John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Alessandra Rampolla — the two got married to each other with hopes to spend the rest of their lives together.

The dramatic journey for this couple started even before the wedding was complete. Dion had to wait at the altar for three hours as Carolina had a breakdown due to her hair and makeup. The groom, however, considered it worth the wait and was quite elated with the partner that was chosen for him. The couple seemed to have started on a good note after that, despite the light-hearted joke made by Carolina about her husband’s height.

However, things soon took a bad turn for the duo. Despite their initial bonding over shared interests and Carolina’s frank discussion about her 16-year-old son, she realized that she was not attracted to her partner physically. Moreover, the differences between them like the fact that Dion doesn’t go to the gym, his reluctance to eat breakfast, or that the two don’t share the same music taste, started taking a toll on her.

Carolina started bonding with Daniel Holmes — whose intended wife, Jessica Seracino, had left him — over their shared interest in the gym, among other things. Meanwhile, Dion’s romantic gestures like an intimate dinner and a love letter left Carolina more angry than flattered. The married couple got into a huge fight, with Carolina telling Dion that he is not the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. So, did they mend their differences or go their separate ways?

Are Carolina and Dion Still Together?

No, Carolina and Dion are not together. Following Carolina’s confession, her desire to leave during her second commitment ceremony did not come as a surprise to anyone. Even Dion had wanted to leave but ultimately voted to stay to continue the couple’s journey. During the third ceremony, Dion showed up alone, unaware of his wife’s whereabouts. The answer came during the middle of the ongoing ceremony when Carolina walked in with, you guessed it, Daniel.

Upon their arrival, Daniel and Carolina announced that the two had been romantically involved for two weeks at that point. Ardent fans might have seen this coming from a mile, but it was certainly heart-breaking for Dion. Blindsiding everyone, Carolina and Daniel then asked the experts to allow them a chance as a new couple within the season. This prompted Dion and the other couples to walk out in protest. After they returned to the venue, the experts bluntly told the aspiring couple that they would not be allowed on the show given their actions.

The move effectively marked the long coming end to the relationship between Carolina and Dion. Given that the wedding was not legally binding, the couple did not go through a divorce process. As of writing, Carolina is still dating Daniel, and the couple has shared multiple pictures of each other on their respective social media handles. The two have boldly embraced their relationship publically, stating that they do not care about the opinions of others. In one of her Instagram posts, Carolina reaffirmed her attitude on the same: “Do I care about anybody elses opinion of @_danielholmes_ and I?”

Meanwhile, Dion Giannarelli is seemingly back with his ex-girlfriend Nikki Walton. He had broken up a short time before his entry on the show had begun, prompting many to question his sincerity towards the experiment, with some even labeling it as a publicity stunt. His last post with Nikki on Instagram — which has since been removed — was dated six weeks before he began filming for the show. While Dion has stated multiple times that he was single and unattached during the whole process, his reunion with Nikki has definitely given flames to the speculations.

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