Are Chandra and Naeem From Love Without Borders Still Together?

The inaugural iteration of Bravo TV’s ‘Love Without Borders’ saw Houston-based social worker Naeem Thompson leave his mother’s nest and travel all the way to Panama in Central America to meet his potential forever Chandra Chugani. Amongst all the couples on the show, Naeem and Chandra probably had the rockiest relationship, with constant bickering and a tense situation involving an ex that left fans questioning the relationship from the beginning. However, love is known to always find its way. Did the same happen with Naeem and Chandra? Did they manage to work on their issues? Let’s find out.

Chandra and Naeem’s Love Without Borders Journey

Naeem Thompson was very nervous about meeting his partner Chandra in the transcontinental country of Central America and had really hoped things would go well. Still, the gentleman picked up flowers for his partner and went to meet her for the first time. Chandra was everything he could hope for, and there was an instant connection between the two. However, amidst the sweet, goofy moments, the real issues started to pop up. In various instances, the pair were caught squabbling about several things that led to each of them making harsh decisions.

Naeem is known to be a fun-loving guy who keeps cracking jokes; however, Chandra felt he pushed it too far with his silly behavior, which became borderline annoying for her. As a result, she made the harrowing decision of uninviting him to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Naeem was shocked to the core on their date night when the couple was having a good time in a club, and from nowhere, Chandra’s ex-boyfriend Enrique entered the scenario. Naeem felt that their dancing was inappropriate, especially when he was present and it was supposed to be their date night.

In fact, Enrique reportedly spent the night with Chandra! After a few days, Chandra discovered through her cousins that Naeem was still on dating apps. This affected her quite a lot, and she was almost in tears. Though Naeem explained that he didn’t mean any disrespect towards her, he felt it was justified since her ex-boyfriend was in the picture. Their rocky flow in their relationship became quite evident, but did they manage to reconcile, and are they still together? Let’s find out.

Are Chandra and Naeem Still Together?

No, Chandra and Naeem are not together. Naeem has returned to his hometown in Texas, where he continues his good work as a Psychotherapist and Emotion Coach. In a confessional after the whole ex incident, Naeem had made up his mind when he reportedly said, “What am I doing here.” We believe somewhere he felt that Chandra still has feelings for her ex, and despite calling him “abusive,” she has an attachment with him.

Though Chandra didn’t throw light into the matters of her heart, even she somewhere was done with the relationship. While confronting Naeem about his dating apps, she blatantly told him that he was “nothing” and “just someone she lived with.” Hence, as of writing, we infer that Chandra and Naeem are no longer together. Chandra, too, is focusing on her life as the founder of Chugani’s Boutique, a health and wellness brand specializing in perfumes. We hope the two find their soulmates, someone who completes them and is perfect for them based on compatibility.

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