Are Chris Conran and Alana Milne From Bachelor in Paradise Still Together?

Like every other Bachelor Nation series, ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ simply abbreviated to ‘BiP,’ is known for its over-the-top romances, drama, tears, and spiteful arguments. Thus, of course, its latest installment – season 7 – comprising over 30 participants, is no different. Although we get to see a lot of the past fan favorites mingle here, the fun and games take a drastic turn pretty quickly, as proved by the relationship between Chris Conran and Alana Milne. So, now that they’ve left the resort, let’s find out more about their connection and current status, shall we?

Chris and Alana’s Bachelor in Paradise Journey

Both Alana and Chris flew under the radar on their respective seasons of ‘The Bachelor‘ (25) and ‘The Bachelorette‘ (16), with the photographer being eliminated in week two and the landscape design salesman getting booted off in the first week. However, instead of being down about the entire process, they decided to sign up for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7 for a second chance at love. From what we can tell, the pair first met during a cast gathering/trip before production officially began. Yet, what occurred there is mostly speculation and hearsay at this point in time.

In Paradise, though, things between Chris and Alana moved pretty quickly despite the fact that he and Jessenia Cruz (also from Matt James’ season of ‘The Bachelor’) appeared to be going strong. In fact, everything blew up when Jessenia caught her date locking lips with Alana at a party moments after the latter entered as a participant. With this and their subsequent actions, many accused the “new” couple of coming into Paradise with an already-formed connection, leading them to pack their bags and leave. Chris admitted that he wanted to be with Alana, but they left the resort in separate cars.

Are Chris and Alana Still Together?

Following the public backlash Chris and Alana received after the airing of the episode where everything unfolded, he posted a bullying resource to his Instagram Story, tagged Alana, and wrote, “In case you need it. Keep your head up.” Furthermore, he issued a statement on the same platform, where he described his entanglement with both women in detail and also apologized to Jessenia for his “blatant disrespect” towards her. However, even though Chris and Alana have continued to deny a pre-shoot relationship vehemently, neither of them has discussed their current status.

As for Alana, even she took to her Instagram Story to explain her side of the narrative and set the record straight. She penned, “I didn’t have a plan or a pre-existing relationship with Chris going into Paradise. I really was just excited to experience it, like everyone else there…I came on the show with pure intentions and the rest was out of my control.” The Toronto-based photographer then urged people to stop sending her hate and understand that the show is edited, so what they saw was not the “real” Alana. She pleaded to be left alone.

Having said that, it seems like Chris and Alana have also spent some time together outside ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ If we combine that with their ongoing positive social media interactions (including the use of heart emojis), we can assume that they might have elected to pursue a romance in the real world. However, until either Chris or Alana confirms it, we’ll just have to wait and watch as the truth about their bond unravels.

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