Courtney and Isaac: Is the Too Hot to Handle Duo Still Together?

Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a dating reality show that has remained a fan favorite since it first aired. The show’s unique concept leads to some highly entertaining turn of events that one cannot help but follow with bated breath. The fifth installment of the show was no different, with couples like Courtney Randolph and Isaac Francis quickly capturing the attention of the viewers.

Courtney and Isaac’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

Both Courtney and Isaac bonded not long after they climbed aboard the yacht that was used to create the illusion of them being part of the fake show called ‘Love Overboard.’ They soon shared a kiss without anyone else in their minds and were looking forward to sharing a bed that night. While Lana’s reveal later in the day certainly put a damper on their thoughts of physical intimacy, they still decided to sleep in the same bed.

Waking up the following day, both Courtney and Isaac were quite eager to kiss each other but did not want to incur the wrath of others by being the first ones to break the rules. Hence, when Louis Russell approached Isaac with a plan to kiss their respective partners together in order to split the blame, the latter wasted no time in discussing the pact with Courtney. Though initially hesitant, she agreed to the idea, and they ended up kissing twice.

Courtney and Isaac’s actions did cost the group $12,000, but they soon became respected for being the only pair to have stayed with each other following the expected partner changes in the house. Hence, the next time that they kissed, the rest of the cast decided to forgive them despite the additional loss of $6,000. The following workshop organized by Lana to bring the then couples seemingly also worked its charm on Courtney and Isaac, with them declaring that they had plans of remaining loyal.

However, the announcement of new arrivals in the house shook things up for Courtney and Isaac. The latter was chosen by Yazmin Marziali for a date where none of Lana’s rules would apply. Upon meeting his date, Isaac’s resolve to remain loyal to Courtney seemed to have been forgotten as he seemed impressed by every single one of Yazmin’s qualities, including the fact that she was Latina. After all, he had recently revealed that he finds Latinas extremely attractive.

Courtney and Isaac Still Are Not Together Anymore

Isaac Francis and Yazmin

During his date with Yazmin, Isaac and her shared a kiss. When the two returned to the house, Courtney seemed hopeful since the two were not holding hands. However, after they sat down, Isaac put his arm around Yazmin, which seemed to indicate his preference for dating her over Courtney. “I feel pretty bad for Courtney. I am not sure how I am gonna break it to her yet,” Isaac confessed after coming back to the house. “But we’re not married. I just hope she understands.”

Not long afterward, Isaac told Courtney that he wanted to end their partnership and that he would be sleeping in the same bed as Yazmin. Extremely hurt by the whole situation, Courtney declared him a player, wondering how she could have misjudged the connection between them. The feeling of betrayal that Courtney felt only soured her mind toward Isaac. Nevertheless, when he decided to switch partners again, Courtney threw her support behind Yazmin, criticizing her former partner’s apparent tendency to not give his close ones enough warning about his actions. That being said, the two do follow each other on Instagram, so, if nothing else, we believe that they are still on amicable terms. Despite how their journey together ended, we wish them Courtney and Isaac the best in their lives and hope that their lives are filled with love and joy.

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