Are Dani and Dominic From Big Brother Still Together?

Season 22 of phenomenally hit reality TV series ‘Big Brother’ is an “All-Stars” edition. Fan-favorites from the past seasons return to our screens (and the ‘Big Brother’ house) to fight it out in an epic battle of social strategy. One of those much-loved players is Daniele Donato-Briones (or simply Dani, as fans know her).

This is Dani’s third stint in ‘Big Brother’. She first appeared in Season 8, alongside her estranged father “Evel” Dick Donato (they were final two, Dani placing second and Dick winning BB8). We next saw her and her father competing in Season 13. While her father had to leave early due to personal reasons, Dani played well until she got evicted in 8th place.

Even though Dani couldn’t manage to go far in the game in BB13, her time there was the most memorable one. She found her future husband Dominic inside the BB13 house. Read on to find out if they are still together!

Dani and Donovan: Their Big Brother Journey

Dani returned to the ‘Big Brother’ house with her father, lovable villain Dick, but was soon left alone as “Evel” Dick had to leave the show one week in to attend to some personal issue. Dani wasted no time in making alliances with other players in order to ensure her safe position. One of the highlight relationships for Season 13 was Dani’s close friendship with first-time player Dominic Briones.

At first, Dani didn’t really like Dominic (a 25-year-old college student at that time) because he looked like a troublemaker. Then, while navigating the house politics, Dani and Dominic formed a close friendship. Dominic was the ring-leader of the “Regulators” alliance (which Dani was not part of), and therefore, he was seen as a threat by other players. Dominic was voted out quite early in the game and was only able to go as far as the 11th place, despite all Dani’s efforts to save him.

After their time in ‘Big Brother’, Dani and Dominic resumed their friendship outside of the BB house and became best friends. Eventually, it blossomed into love and they got engaged in 2012 and married in 2013. Their engagement story is the cutest ever!

Dominic booked a special “behind-the-scenes” tour at the St. Louis Zoo because they both just adore penguins and love how they mate for life. While they were playing with a couple of baby penguins, Dominic turned around and, to Dani’s immense pleasure, popped the question.

Are Dani and Dominic Still Together?

Not only are they still very much together, Dani and Dominic also have a gorgeous little baby girl together. Their first (and only) child was born in August 2018, five years after their wedding.

They named their baby girl Tennessee Autumn Briones, the name being reminiscent of Dani and Dominic’s first date on a beautiful autumn evening in Memphis, Tennessee. That was the day they realized they had fallen in love and that’s where their daughter’s name comes from.

Daniele keeps posting beautiful photos of their happy family on her social media. Now that Dani is back in BB22 for “All-Stars”, we’re sure the most difficult part about playing ‘Big Brother’ for her would be leaving her husband and daughter behind for a few months. But we wish her well and hope she doesn’t lose sight of her goal of winning the $500,000 prize money.

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