Are Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans From Big Brother Still Together?

Romances flare up and fizzle out faster than seasons end on reality shows. However, some last long after we see the couples exiting the television screens. Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans seem to fall in the second category firmly. After meeting on Season 20 of ‘Big Brother,’ they were initially competing for $500,000. Of course, neither of them won the grand prize. However, if you ask them, they won something more valuable – their relationship. Now that Tyler’s slated to appear on ‘Big Brother’ once again, fans are wondering whether the couple is still together. Here are all the updates you need to know.

Are Tyler and Angela Still Together?

Yes, Angela and Tyler are still together, as is evident from the recent post put up by the former. She seems to be supporting Tyler’s return to the series.

Of course, Tyler has made it clear that he’s returning to ‘Big Brother’ partly because he wants to win the prize money and help Angela open a plant-based restaurant. As of now, Angela already has a cookbook out on sale titled, “Angela’s Plant-Based Kitchen.” But, how did their incredible journey begin?

Like most good things, Angela and Tyler started slowly. When they met, Tyler felt Angela was perfect for him, but they just started to bond over being from Hilton Head, South Carolina. The couple only grew closer to each other, when they were part of the same ‘Level Six’ alliance. Fans soon dubbed the two ‘Tangela,’ and eventually, Rummans confessed her feelings for Tyler. He reciprocated, and in October 2018, less than a week after the ‘Big Brother’ finale, the two moved in together in Los Angeles. Here’s a touching post from back then.

Now, the two seem to have moved away from Los Angeles, back to their hometown – Hilton Head. Tyler posted during their second anniversary on June 21, 2020, and you can see their love remains just as strong now.

It seems that they have turned Tangela into a brand, now, with Tangela Inc. being their own business. Angela and Tyler also have their Youtube channel, where they enjoy a steady fan following. The couple is also quite industrious, and have another business venture – a jewelry company called Naut & Chain. You can see them promoting the products below.

It seems that Tyler and Angela have made it, and both believe they have found the one. Tyler, for his part, knows that the relationship is for the long haul. Angela has said that he is everything she wants. See the post here.

The couple spends their time visiting various places, and their most recent trip seems to have been to Dubai – as you can see from the post below.

However, they might not be traveling currently due to the pandemic. Fans might be wondering whether there are wedding bells in their future. Well, Tyler addressed this a while back, saying he believes things should occur naturally, but we sure hope to see the couple walking down the aisle.

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