Are Danielle and Nick From Love is Blind Still Together?

In what can only be described as a rollercoaster ride of romance, drama, smiles, and heartbreak, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ tackles the idea of finding “the one” based on personality alone. After all, it centers around a group of marriage-ready singles as they date and get engaged without seeing each other, only to explore whether they’re ready to promise forever or not within a mere month. Amongst them in season 2 were the incredibly intriguing Danielle and Nick, so now, if you wish to know more about their romance as well as their current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson’s Love is Blind Journey

Almost as soon as then-28-year-old Danielle Ruhl and 35-year-old Nick Thompson came across one another in the pods, they felt a deep connection that merely could not be ignored. On day one itself, they not only found common ground in their love for a bottomless brunch, but the two also admitted that the sound of the other’s voice made them feel calm, which gradually helped the pair go beyond. The duo then spoke of their future expectations while going over their upbringing, focusing primarily on how hailing from broken homes has affected their views on marriage.

That’s when Danielle got the courage to open up about her insecurities as a former “heavier” girl, along with her anxiety and trust issues, only for Nick to offer quiet support at every step of the way. He even confessed to being “a little chunky” as a kid himself before going on to discuss what really matters in a relationship — communication, comfort, and passion. The empaths’ views on partners being best friends first also matched, further reiterating their gut feeling of having already found their life partner, leading to a romantic proposal.

Within days, both Danielle and Nick had decided to stick to each other. Thus, their engagement came as no surprise, especially since they’d even covered topics such as careers, travel, and children previously. The most beautiful facet, though, was that the Software Marketing Executive gave the Associate Marketing Director a book for their own story, telling her that they could record the same while breaking the cycle of divorces in their families. Thus, of course, their subsequent face-to-face encounter changed absolutely nothing in terms of their emotions.

Are Danielle and Nick Still Together?

Despite a great start to their courtship, including Nick taking care of Danielle when she caught a stomach bug on just day 2 of their getaway in Mexico, cracks between the pair soon started to appear. They never had any issues in terms of physical intimacy, yet they did get into several arguments owing to Danielle’s overthinking tendencies and Nick’s unintentional use of harsh words. Moreover, although they felt like their partner was the only one who truly understood them, the difference in their maturity level due to their age also caused a few serious conflicts.

With that said, Danielle and Nick managed to work out their problems by fighting hard for their relationship because they knew what they had was real love, care, and affection. In fact, not only did the advertising personnel and the marketing executive at a local software company say “I Do” at the altar, but it’s apparent that they are still happily together.

Just a small bit of proof for the same is Nick’s comment on his partner’s recent Instagram post, where she opens up about her mental health during the Mexico filming period (as seen below). He offered his support as well as his quiet adoration by simply writing, “Always proud of you, your vulnerability, and your strength!”

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