David and Toneata: Is the Temptation Island Duo Still Together?

With relationships at stake, ‘Temptation Island’ features a social experiment that tests the faith and trust of a bond by putting long-term couples on an island full of attractive singles. The premise pivots on the idea that the single men and women on the island will tempt the couples. Ultimately, they must decide whether or not they want to leave the island with their original partner or someone else.

Season 2 of the reality television show follows a number of intriguing plotlines that invoke curiosity and follows inevitable drama. David Benavidez and Toneata Morgan are one of the few couples on the show who accrued quite a following. So, if you’re also wondering if the duo is still together or not, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

David and Toneata’s Temptation Island Journey

Hailing from Rhode Island, David had arrived at the island with Kate Griffith, his girlfriend of three years. However, trouble between the duo had been high from the get-go. While Kate had solid plans to settle down and tie the knot, David felt that his priorities differed from his partner. Toneata Morgan was one of the tempting attractive singles on the island. Only 23 at the time, the former Miss Oregan USA developed an instant connection with David. Similarly, the software sales consultant from Rhode Island also found himself gravitating toward Toneata.

However, their relationship wasn’t without its drama. Undoing the pledge he made to Kate, David had engaged physically with Samantha and Payton on the island. He easily connected with Toneata because she was more understanding of his past. Not just this, David felt that he needed to be with someone who would trust him; something that was amiss between him and Kate. Naturally, Toneata and David became close after spending time in the hot tub and connecting with each other on a personal level.

While many had signed off David’s attempts to get closer to other women, Toneata’s impression of him differed exponentially. The 23-year-old model felt that David was caring and extremely easy to speak to. Throughout the season, their love story continued to progress, and at the final bonfire, David and Toneata’s relationship had to stand the test of David’s decision. Instead of leaving the island with his partner of three years, David decided to break up with Kate and proclaimed his love for Toneata.

The 28-year-old confessed his love and asked Toneato to give him a chance. However, with Kate and David’s breakup on the back burner, the torrid conditions that gave way to David and Toneata’s relationship left many wondering if the two could continue to date after the show was over. If you’re also looking for answers, let’s dive in!

David and Toneata Have Broken Up

No, David and Toneata are not together. Exposing the realities and shocking everyone on the reunion episode, Toneata revealed that David’s words of love and commitment were shallow. Moreover, when Kate and David showed up on the reunion episode hand in hand, curiosity only grew. A number of things progressed between Kate, David and Toneata after the cameras stopped rolling. Despite the infidelity on his part, Kate and David appeared on the reunion show and said that their relationship was much more than what was portrayed through the cameras.

On the other hand, Toneata alleged that David cheated on her after they left the island, and their plans to meet in Los Angeles after filming didn’t come to fruition. Not too later, David and Kate also decided to part ways and are now on their individual paths. After receiving backlash on social media for not staying true to anyone, David made his social media private and now keeps his life under wraps. David is purportedly single at the moment and focusing on his career and personal life.

On the other hand, Toneata, who was only 23 at the time, has strengthened her career as an actress, a model and even owns her business. Toneata has appeared in movies like ‘Anna Nicole,’ ‘An Invisible War,’ and ‘The Aliens.’ She has also appeared in feature films like, ‘Death Club,’ and ‘Reloaded.’ In addition to her work as an artist and model, Toneata also has an online store called All Legs.

The reality star’s vision is to empower women and help them make feel confident in their bodies, for which she sells limited edition active wear. To fulfill her philanthropic efforts, a portion of her sales are also donated to charities supporting women’s causes. On the personal front, Toneata is single and currently focused on her career. So, even though David and Toneata faced a tumultuous journey on the show, we wish them the best and hope they achieve all their personal and professional milestones!

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