Are Kendal and Alexcys From Temptation Island Still Together?

Based on the Dutch television series ‘Blind Vertrouwen’ (translated as ‘Blind Faith’), ‘Temptation Island’ is an intriguing dating reality show that first premiered in 2001. It features numerous couples who agree to move in with a bunch of single individuals to evaluate the stability of their relationships. Over the course of each episode, the couples try to decide whether they will depart together with a deeper knowledge of one another or will succumb to temptation while engaging with the singles.

Every season, viewers get to witness interesting couples and singles who create quite some drama around their journey. One such couple is Kendal Kirkland and Alexcys Homan, who appeared on season 6 of the show in 2021. Their journey has been quite interesting because of the existing complicated relationships around them. Hence, their fans must be eager to know about the latest status of their relationship, and we’ve covered just that!

Kendal and Alexcys’ Temptation Island Journey

Interestingly, Kendal Kirkland first entered the ‘Temptation Island’ villa as a couple with his girlfriend of two and a half years, Erica Washington. Kendal, professionally a business owner, and Erica originally joined the show to explore their relationship better and help Erica gain her full potential. But, Kendal’s stand on their bond seemed to be fishy since he did not take any blame for their problematic relationship and took advantage of the show to go out with other women.

Since Alexcys joined the show as a single woman, Kendal immediately laid his eyes on her and began flirting with her, regardless of his girlfriend’s presence. Neither Kendal nor Alexcys held back about pursuing each other and believed that they were soon developing a real connection every passing day. Both of them also quickly began sharing intimate moments, and Erica was left to watch their brewing chemistry without much luck for herself.

However, Kendal did not limit his adventures to just one woman and began hitting it up with another single contestant, Nickole Ciszak. Kendal successfully also convinced Alexcys about the seriousness of their relationship and that he was all committed to her, further bringing up conversations regarding future children. He eventually managed to convince both Alexcys and Nickole that he was serious about their relationship, but in reality, he seemed serious about neither.

Kendal shared several intimate moments with Alexcys with the promise of keeping it up after the end of their journey on the show. In an emotional farewell, while taking his final decision, Kendal asked Alexcys to trust his judgment and said, “I think that every single day I got to see a new part of you … a new part that I’ve grown to love and cherish and appreciate, and I know this isn’t goodbye.” She willfully agreed and hoped to begin the relationship afresh after the show. Now that they are away from the show and living real life, did Kendal and Alexcys manage to stay together, or did they succumb to the test of time?

Are Kendal and Alexcys Still Together?

No, Kendal and Alexcys are no longer together. Although it did seem like they could form a close bond away from all the drama in the real world, it did not pan out that way for Kendal and Alexcys. In the reunion episode of season 6, Alexcys confessed to ghosting Kendal after going out with him once post the show. She cited a genuine reason to do so, mentioning that she was unhappy with Kendal’s behavior in the show. After watching it herself, she came to believe that Kendal only wanted her because Erica had turned him down. “I felt played at the end [about] every choice you made on the island,” she told Kendal.

She stated her stance clearly to Erica and everyone on the reunion episode, saying, “I feel bad that you had to deal with a man like Kendal. Honestly, you deserve the best. I hung out with him once, once we got back. I basically ghosted him afterward. I wasn’t OK with how I felt on the island. … I’m upset that it didn’t end sooner.” Kendal eventually got some negative comments from fans because of how everything panned out around his relationships, but he did not particularly respond to those comments.

After all these dramas surrounding the show, now both Alexcys and Kendal are busy in their lives, building their careers, and traveling throughout various places with their family and friends. Kendal is an entrepreneur and actor who is currently building a few brands under his radar. On the other hand, Alexcys runs a personal blog and travels with her friends around the country.

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