Temptation Island Season 4: Where Are They Now?

Temptation Island‘ is an addictive dating reality show that revolves around committed couples who are put together with a group of attractive singles on a breathtaking island to test their relationships. Over each season, the couples navigate whether they leave together with a better understanding of each other or taste the waters of temptation while interacting with the singles. It is adapted from the Dutch show ‘Blind Vertrouwen’ (‘Blind Faith’) and features Mark L. Walberg as the presenter. Now, let’s have a look at the couples from the eventful fourth season and where they stand today.

Are Ash and Hania Still Together?

Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker had been dating for 18 months when they first arrived on the island. As per Ash, she was unsure of transitioning into long-distance with her boyfriend, especially after he expressed interest in an “open relationship.” Their trust issues got elevated with the arrival of the singles when Hania began flirting with other women and even confessed on-screen that he had been unfaithful to Ash. On the other hand, Ash decided to pursue her new connection with single Taylor Patrick, despite still having some attachment toward Hania.

Eventually, Taylor and Ash consummated their relationship, while Hania realized that maybe he isn’t too comfortable with open relationships. At the moment, neither of them has made it explicitly clear whether they are still together or not. They still follow each other on social media and have not yet deleted their pictures together. Moreover, Ash and Taylor don’t seem to be following each other, but given how things transpired with her partner, we believe that she may be choosing to give herself some time to heal and live her best life as a single, strong, and independent woman.

Are Ashley and Lascelles Still Together?

One of the longest relationships in ‘Temptation Island’ season 4 was between New Yorkers Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Lagares, who had been together for a good seven years. However, apart from her being anxious as to why he hadn’t proposed already, they both admitted to being extremely co-dependent on each other; hence, they wished to improve their strengths on the show. However, despite having such a solid foundation in their relationship, things became a bit shaky when Lascelles began emotionally connecting with single Trace Winningham, thus deeply affecting his girlfriend.

Lascelles also went on to admit that he had fallen for Tracy but did not wish to hurt Ashley, who still wanted to work on their relationship and leave the island together. Following the wrap-up of their season, it looks like things aren’t that great between the two. Having said that, Ashley and Lascelles continue operating their joint social media channels on Instagram and YouTube. Even though they post individual content, they keep commenting on each other’s videos and pictures.

Furthermore, they still follow each other on social media, and their feeds still feature images of them together. Therefore, from what we can tell, Ashley and Lascelles are still on cordial terms with each other, if not back together. As far as the current standing of Tracy and Lascelles’ connection is concerned, they don’t seem to be connected on social media and are seemingly not in a relationship.

Are Iris and Luke Still Together?

Seattle-based Entrepreneurs Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger had been dating for over four years when they decided to take a leap of faith and join the other couples and the sizzling singles on the island. The show was meant to put their relationship to the ultimate test, but cracks soon began to show when Luke’s insecurities and trust issues with his girlfriend’s interactions with the singles fueled arguments. In addition, he also began flirting with other single ladies to overcome his jealousy and admitted that he would not mind cheating if he found Iris connecting to another man.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Luke had a complete change of heart halfway through the season and started improving his behavior to win back his girlfriend. He realized he likely needed to step up in his efforts to assure Iris of his love and even went on to buy a ring to propose to her before the season’s final bonfire. Even though Luke was prepared for the next step in their relationship, the couple have not yet made it official if they did get engaged.

However, as far as we can observe, Luke’s changed nature and determination might definitely have some effect on Iris. Not just that, she gave up her connection with Deac Conti, and the couple did not cheat on each other even once throughout the season. Hence, we believe that even if Iris did not say yes to the proposal, she and Luke may still be considering giving themselves another chance.

Are Gillian and Edgar Still Together?

College sweethearts Gillian Lieberman and Edgar De Santiago came to the show to explore beyond their four-year relationship, as she wished to experience single life. In addition, she confessed to Mark L. Walberg that she was unsure of wanting a future together with Edgar and proceeded to connect with single Tommy Soltis on the island. Edgar was visibly upset seeing them and began questioning Gillian’s loyalty toward their relationship. Later, Edgar moved on with single Marissa and ended up being intimate with her, which was witnessed by his girlfriend at the bonfire.

Gillian was livid at this, leading to an emotional conversation between her and Edward, and they concluded that their relationship was not working out anymore. In the season finale, Edgar chose to leave the island with Marissa, while Gillian chose to remain single as Tommy was not too keen on a long-distance relationship. Presently, Gillian seems to be single and focused on herself. Meanwhile, Edgar is busy with his work projects, but he is yet to confirm if he and Marissa are still together or not.

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